How to register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Malaysia

Now that the COVID-19 vaccines have safely arrived, and PM Muhyiddin Yassin received the first jab to launch The National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme on Feb 24, everyone in Malaysia (including non-citizens and undocumented migrants) can already register to get vaccinated FOR FREE.

What are the vaccine registration methods?

There are five registration methods (online and manual) for the public of Malaysia, starting March 1, 2021


Manual registrations:

  1. Outreach programme to rural and interior areas
  2. Hotline (soon-to-be launched)
  3. Registration at public and private health clinics

How to register via MySejahtera App

Out of all the registrations, MySejahtera app is easiest. Here’s the step-by-step:

Step 1: Update your MySejahtera app
Go to your iOS app store / Google Play store to update your app first.

Once you’ve updated, you’ll see COVID-19 Vaccination icon in MySejahtera’s home page. Click on it. 

How to register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Malaysia


Step 2: Click on Vaccine for XX

How to register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Malaysia


Step 3: Verify all your personal details
Make sure every details (IC, passport and name) are correct before you click ‘confirm’ button. 


Step 4: Enroll by adding additional details by pressing ‘click here’
The app will show the current phase of the vaccination programme: Phase 1 for the frontliners.

In the mean time, you can provide additional details for your registration by press ‘Click here’. 

You’ll need to answer four questions related to interest to be vaccinated, your health conditions and home address.


Step 5: Wait until it is your turn to be vaccinated
Once you’ve submitted the necessary details, wait until you are eligible to receive the vaccine. MOH will notify you when it is time for you to receive your vaccine. 

Make sure to enable push notifications for MySejahtera in your phone settings to not miss out any notification from MOH.


Three stages of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme

According to Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee Special Committee (JKJAV), there are three stages to the year-long vaccination programme:

Phase 1 (February – April 2021)
–   Frontliners of the medical line and essential services

Target: 500,000 people

Phase 2 (April –August 2021)
–  Remaining members of frontliners
–  Senior citizens aged 60 and over and high-risk groups with chronic diseases.

Target: 9.4 million people

Phase 3 (May 2021 – February 2022)
–  Adult population aged 18 years and above (citizens and non-citizens)
–  Priority for those in the red zones; followed by yellow zones and then green zones.

Target: 13.7 million people or more

For further information about the national Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, check out JKJAV website.

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