How to prepare for a 2020 Christmas

Christmas is less than a week away. Yet some of us haven’t even had our Christmas tree decorated or applied for leave. Things are just not quite the same this year with Covid-19 taking the fun out of everything. Well fret none. Let’s get you back in the mood for Christmas this year with these cool ideas for a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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 1.  Work on easy home-made presents

Yes, the CMCO is over and we can head out to malls and stores to buy presents for the all-important present exchange at Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning. But since we’re already in a “new norm” era, why not carry the theme throughout by giving homemade gifts this Christmas? Besides, it’s more intimate and ever more special that way. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you might want to use recycled items to make your gifts. It’s a good excuse to put the habit of recycling into practice. You can make just about anything out of recycled items, from a crochet tote hand-made using old plastic bags to a lovely painting done on recycled homemade paper. These are fun to do and will surely get you back into Christmas mode!


2.  Something smells like Christmas

What better way to get you into mood than the seasonal smell of Christmas filling the air? That’s easy if you have a real Christmas tree at home, but that’s unlikely for us here. But you can always head to the departmental store or a shop specialising in seasonal decorations and buy a pine scented candle or scented oil to make your house smell like Christmas all day. Other scents that’ll get you in the mood for Christmas include cinnamon, frankincense, clove, nutmeg, anise, myrrh, cedarwood and gingerbread.


3.  Try that one recipe you’ve always dreamed of trying

In our society, open house is the norm, no matter what festive occasion we are celebrating. So cooking for at least 50 expected open house visitors has always been one of the activities come Christmas time. In doing so, we almost never get to try those delicious recipes we see in cooking shows on TV. Well, now that you’ll only be cooking for your family or just for yourself, you have all the time in the world to try out one of those special recipes for this Christmas. Perhaps a homemade Christmas turkey or a freshly baked yule log?


4.  Enjoy Christmas entertainment from the comfort of home

That’s right. There’s no need to worry about what to wear or what time you should arrive at the venue. Just sit back, bring out the festive snacks and enjoy the show. This year, expect a lot of virtual concerts and Christmas shows, with hours of entertainment to be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room. One of them is the Kuching Christmas Concert Choir, who will be performing A Special Virtual Christmas Concert, live on Facebook and YouTube on Dec 23 at 8pm. For more information on that, click on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/104603904317377/posts/402767487834349/ 

How to prepare for a 2020 Christmas like Enjoy Christmas entertainment from the comfort of home


5.  Take it slow

Last but not least, in this part of the world, Christmas has always been about “ngabang” – visiting friends and relatives. Things can get very hectic and you often find yourself torn between visiting your friend’s house and going to your cousin’s Christmas lunch, for example. Since we’re still practising social distancing, this Christmas would be a great time to take things slow. A #stayhome Christmas gives you a chance to relax, put on your favourite Christmas music, read your favourite book or watch a Christmas movie, or do whatever you feel like doing this Christmas.

So don’t worry about not being able to go all out this year with your Christmas plans. Just relax and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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