How to celebrate Halloween 2020 at home

It’s that epic time of the year, where it is socially acceptable to dress up in scary costumes and ask for candies from your neighbours. Halloween this year may be different, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot still have your yearly spooky traditions. Here’s how you can celebrate Halloween at home:

1.  Wear your costume

It’s not Halloween without everybody putting on their favourite costume. Whether it is a glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit or a hulk outfit, there are just so many options to experiment with on Halloween! So, let your kids dress up as their favourite characters and they’ll surely have a blast.

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2.  Set up a spooky party

Halloween means family party time! So, get your baking utensils ready because it is time to bake those Halloween-themed treats such as ghost-shaped cookies or a spider web muffin.

Set up a spooky party on Halloweenphoto source: www.delish.com

The house needs to reflect Halloween too with ghoulish decorations – not forgetting the eerie-faced pumpkin of course!

When all is prepped and ready, invite all your friends and family for a virtual Halloween party via Zoom of FaceTime video call. Have a game where you carve out pumpkins or make your best impression of your costume’s character, then let people decide virtually who won for each category.


3.  Have a scary movie marathon

It’s the best time to revisit our favourite scary movies or watch a new one! But before you get immersed in something supernatural, witchy, or just straight-up horror, it is best to get into a Halloween spirit first. 

Have a scary movie marathon on Halloween

There’s no better way to do that than to set up a ‘haunted house’ cinema right in the middle of your living room or outside the house. Keep it creepy with mood lighting – preferably orange glow lights – and fake spider webs laying around everywhere. 

Once you’re all cosy, it’s time to go ahead and stream your favourite scary movies or pick some from your DVD/Blu-Ray collection.


4.  Go trick-or-treating

Kids might not be able to go trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood, but that doesn’t mean you should omit this Halloween tradition altogether this year! 

Hide some candies all over the backyard or somewhere in the nooks and crannies around the house. Let your kids roam free with their pumpkin buckets in search of those sweet treats and see who gets the most candies when time is up.

Go trick-or-treatingphoto source: daytonparentmagazine.com


5.  Tell ghost stories

Each of us surely have our own scary stories that will have everyone quivering, or perhaps screaming in terror. And what better time to tell those stories if not on Halloween? So, turn the lights off, and curl up by candlelight to hear those spooky tales. Random animal noises or a change of voice will be great to freak each other out. 

Tell ghost storiesphoto source: www.vpr.org

Make it more exciting with a voting session, where everybody has to guess whether the story you tell is entirely true, partially true, or entirely fabricated. 

We hope this article inspires you to have a fantastic stay-at-home Halloween this year!

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