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The popular and exciting Spring Shopping Mall experience will be available in Bintulu, with the mall expected to open in mid-November 2018. This mall will be the second Mall operated under tHe Spring shopping mall brand and managed by co-owners Sarawak Land (Kemena Park Sdn. Bhd.) and Benlong Realty Sdn Bhd and it comes with the promise of potential and improving quality of life for citizens of Bintulu.

James Ling, Managing Director of PE Group of Companies, said at the unveiling ceremony on March 8, 2018 that occupancy was currently at 70% with key tenants already committed to providing their services to Bintulu. Over 1000 car park bays and 300 motorcycle park spaces will be available in a sheltered underground car park. Spanning across 650,000 sq.ft, dozens of premium brands and popular high-street stores will be patronised by the denizens of Bintulu. Three million visitors are expected in the first year, with increasing numbers based on the mall’s unique brand and experience it provides to its customers.

James stated that the story behind the shopping mall’s name has nothing to do with the season itself, but with hope and potential. At first glance, tHe Spring is a premium shopping mall. But behind the scenes, the opening will provide many opportunities for Bintulu’s citizens on many levels. The shopping mall will create 1000 jobs with varying roles in the retail industry. The attraction is strong thanks to the premium brands and outlets that occupy the lots in the shopping centre. With the recent international connectivity from Singapore to Bintulu, there will be more visitors to accelerate the city’s tourism industry.

Armed with years of experience in building a successful retail business from the ground up and maintaining its success, the mall is confident that they can deliver tHe Spring’s unique brand of shopping experience to the shoppers and in the process, meet the lifestyle aspiration of Bintulu.

tHe Spring pledges its unwavering commitment to improving Bintulu’s economy but also encourages the local community to get involved with activities and various events held in the shopping mall. Many promotions are expected to pop up with big-name brands, and everyone will stand a chance at winning prizes! Outside of these exclusive offers, visitors can enjoy shopping at internationally-renowned outlets normally found outside of Bintulu. Local businesses can also benefit, as these stores will require regular suppliers and people to partner with for marketing campaigns or promotional events.

When everyone comes together at tHe Spring, new opportunities will bloom, with the result of improving Bintulu. Don’t miss out on the most anticipated opening this year and follow all updates on tHe Spring’s Facebook page.

tHe Spring Bintulu
Jalan Tun Razak, 97000, Bintulu, Sarawak.
Tel:+6082 238 111
Website: www.thespring.com.my

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