Health & Wellness: LitSara® Natural Liquid Hand Wash captures Borneo’s Indigenous Traditional Knowledge

Last July, the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) unveiled their new product innovation: LitSara® Natural Liquid Hand Wash, that is sure to offer a treat to wellness and environmental enthusiasts.

LitSara® Natural Liquid Hand Wash

LitSara® essential oil, which has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and a naturally crisp and citrus-lemony scent, is derived from the Sarawak Litsea, a local variant of the May Chang tree (Litsea cubeba) that produces an essential oil of unique composition.

SBC, the leading biodiversity research centre in Borneo, has developed the LitSara® Natural Liquid Hand Wash in an equitative partnership with indigenous communities in Sarawak. As part of its ongoing efforts to document the traditional knowledge of Borneo’s indigenous communities and translate it into innovation, SBC has worked closely with the Bidayuh of Kampung Kiding, Padawan, the Lun Bawang of Long Kerebangan and Long Telingan, Lawas, and the Kelabit of Pa’Lungan and Pa’Ukat, Bario to sustainably grow and harvest Sarawak Litsea and to distill the LitSara® essential oil.

The wellness benefits derived from Sarawak Litsea have long been known to indigenous communities, and SBC’s unique liquid hand wash formulation of LitSara® essential oil now captures those benefits in a 100% natural product.

One key advantage of LitSara® essential oil lies in its unique composition, which is a result of Borneo’s climate and soil conditions. Unlike the essential oils obtained from the May Chang tree grown in other geographies, which mainly contain the allergenic compound citral, the Sarawak Litsea produces an essential oil enriched in citronellal, which is not an allergen.

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) continuing to advise that washing hands with water and soap remains the best method to ensure hand hygiene, LitSara® Natural Liquid Hand Wash now allows anybody to tap into the natural bounty of the Borneo jungle to keep their hands clean while lending a hand in support of local indigenous communities.


LitSara® Natural Liquid Hand Wash

The LitSara® advantage  

Natural & Sustainable: The LitSara® personal care series uses 100% natural pure essential oil, which are harvested by Good Wild Craft Practice.

Antimicrobial: LitSara® essential oil exhibits natural antimicrobial properties against a wide spectrum of bacteria and fungi.

Non-Citral: LitSara® essential oil is derived from a variety of species that do not produce the allergenic compound, citral.

Local Commitment: LitSara® essential oil benefits local indigenous communities from the initial traditional knowledge documentation process—via Prior Informed Consent acquisition—to cultivation and harvesting—via community-based planting and essential oil distillation programs—via Benefit Sharing Agreement.

Let’s celebrate indigenous Traditional Knowledge & support Biodiversity Conservation! For more information, visit www.sbc.org.my


LitSara® is the registered trademark of the essential oil derived from the Sarawak Litsea tree (Geographical Indication of Litsea cubeba).

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