Going to Cameron Highlands? Here are some recommended activities for first-timers

Malaysia is an ideal holiday destination that caters to all wants and needs. For beach goers, we have pristine beaches with azure waters. For shopaholics, Kuala Lumpur is the place to be. For those looking for adventure, there’s plenty of that here too! And if you want to escape into a highland retreat, whether with your friends or with your family, there no other place quite like Cameron Highlands. With temperatures averaging 25°C at daytime and 15°C at night, the highland getaway located in Pahang is a very pleasant place to visit. But please come prepared with lots of clothes that will keep you warm in the morning and evening. You’ll need them.

That being said, there’s plenty to do at Cameron Highlands, with activities that excite, amaze and delight. Here are some must-do activities for you to try if you’ve never been to Cameron Highlands.

A quick dip

Whether or not you like waterfalls, Lata Iskandar Waterfalls is a must-visit site on the way to Cameron Highlands from Tapah. The cascade is tall and the water is incredibly refreshing. A dip in the pool directly below the waterfall is such a refreshing relief from your long drive on the way up. Popular with families for leisurely picnics on a hot day, it’s too tempting to not at least dip your tired feet in the cool water for Lata Iskandar Waterfalls. Once you’re all fresh, you can go ahead and continue to drive up to Cameron Highlands.

Lata Iskandar Waterfalls at Cameron Highland

Tea, tea and more tea

This tea plantation owned and managed by BOH is an absolute must when you visit Cameron Highlands. Located in Brinchang, it features large visitor centre for a complete Cameron Highlands tea experience. A walk up the tea garden from the carpark to the visitor centre promises breath-taking views of the tea plantation. An even more magnificent view awaits at the café at BOH Tea Sungei Palas visitor centre, as you sip some warm, freshly brewed tea. (bohtea.com)

BOH at Cameron Highland

Honey, you’re so sweet

Be sure to include Ee Feng Gu Apiary in your to-do list. This bee farm located 3.5km north of Brinchang town offers a tour of its vast garden where wooden boxes placed along the slopes hide in them bee hives where the bees store their precious honey. Above the garden is a visitor centre that comes complete with a museum, shopping galleries and café. Don’t go home without buying some pure honey harvested from the farm itself. (cameronbeefarm.com)

Ee Feng Gu Apiary at Cameron Highlandphoto source: aromasian.com

Enchanted forest

Located 2,032 metres above sea level on Mount Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Mossy Forest is a magical place to be. The entire area is covered in moss and other exotic plant species and the environment is moist and chilly. The best experience is when the mist settles in, creating a fairy-tale like scene.

Mossy Forest at Cameron Highlandphoto source: facebook@mossyforest2016

Pretty wings

Located at Kea Farm, some 3km from Brinchang, Butterfly Garden is one of the key attractions at Cameron Highlands, and one of the oldest as well. Discover many species of butterflies and see other fascinating live insects as well as reptiles and mammals. A petting zoo and flower garden are a bonus too!

Butterfly Gardenphoto source: www.cameronhighland.net

Strawberry picking

There are several strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. One to check out is the Big Red Strawberry Farm, set on a hill slope that overlooks Brinchang. The highlight of your visit here will be strawberry picking, which you will have to pay for of course. There are other things to see here as well, such as a koi fountain, flower nursery and mini petting zoo. Don’t forget to sample some strawberry treats at the café and buy some souvenirs, including fresh strawberries from the shop at the farm.

Big Red Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands

There you go… some must-do activities at Cameron Highlands for those of you who have never been there and are interested in going. Have fun!

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