Gawai Goodies for your loved ones in 2021

With MCO starting today, Gawai festivities are a no-go. But that does not mean you cannot make this year’s Gawai a meaningful one. Instead of the annual tradition of ngabang (visiting), which is out of the question this year just as it was last year, why not give your family and loved ones a delightful Gawai gift that will surely carve a smile on their face?

Don’t know where to get those Gawai goodies for your family and loved ones? We’ve got you covered! Here are some food, cakes and drinks that will enrich the upcoming festivity.

#StirringUpBorneo Gawai Platter

No time to cook? No worries because for Gawai this year, Stirring Up Borneo has collaborated with Pondok Bario to curate a special Gawai Platter. At just RM300, the beautiful platter is loaded with delicious Orang Ulu food from Pondok Bario such as BBQ pork/Fish & Wings, sambal belacan, ayam pansuh, tempoyak goreng and so many more mouthwatering dishes fit for an authentic Gawai dining at home!

By purchasing the platter, you’ll also get SUB’s handwoven tray produced by Orang Ulu women, with a detachable inner lining handsewn by single mothers, along with wooden board crafted by fathers. Definitely the perfect gift for your friends and family this Gawai!

Homemade Fish and Prawn crackers are available for purchase too.
To purchase, contact Stirring Up Borneo

Gawai Goodies for your loved ones in 2021

Riverside Majestic Gawai Shopping List

Stay safe at home and let Riverside Majestic Astana Wing do the shopping for you. For this year, their Gawai Shopping List lets you choose the dishes, cakes and biscuits you want, in a la carte option. Among the dishes offered are Ayam Goreng Bumbu, Daging Rendang Chef Suria, Ikan Siakap Kukus Masak Thai, Limau & Bawang Putih, and many others. Prices go from as low as RM38-RM88/item.

Cakes and biscuits available for purchase are Belacan Cake, Lapis RMH Cake, Lumut Cake, Makmur Cookies, Almond London Cookies, and Butter Cookies. Cookies are priced from RM30 onwards while cakes are from RM121.50 (originally RM135) per kg.


You’ll definitely need some tuak (rice wine) for that ngabang (celebratory) vibe at home. Besides the traditional tuak brewed by Dayak elders in longhouses and kampungs, how about trying something different this year?

In Kuching, you can buy some tuak from Bad Cat Borneo. They have quite a number of flavours that will suit the tastebuds of every member in the family. Among them are Original, Asap, Apple, Pineapple, Roselle and Black Pepper. 

Gawai Goodies for your loved ones in 2021


In Miri, Tuak Atelier is to look out for when it comes to artisanal wine of Borneo. Some flavours that are highly sought after are Roselle Momo, Bunga Kantan and Pandan. They even have a Premium 24K Gold Collection, so don’t be surprised if your tuak looks like GOLD!

Gawai Goodies for your loved ones in 2021


So, are you ready for another #StayHome Gawai this year?

CLICK HERE for “Gearing Up For Gawai”

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