Funny shows that will have you belly laughing

Today’s “Belly Laugh Day”, which is pretty much what it is… a day to belly laugh at pretty much anything you find funny. Now, this may seem like an insignificant occasion to observe, but seeing the situation we are all in right now, with the surging numbers of new cases on the daily, plus the flooding that has devastated too many families out there, a good laugh might just be the thing we need to get through the days ahead of us. Also laughing has been known to improve blood flow, boost your immune system and make you happy. So, why not laugh a little?

That said, we’ve listed here five shows that’ll send you bursting out with laughter. Happy Belly Laugh Day!

1.  The Big Bang Theory

A brilliantly funny TV show that debuted in 2007, The Big Bang Theory is about two geniuses in a rental, who knows most of not all there is to know about how the universe works. But… they have very limited knowledge about relationships and socialising and all that “regular people” stuff. If you haven’t seen this, you ought to now! https://www.netflix.com/watch/80002472?trackId=251117831&tctx=2%2C5%2Cb19f445b-3465-459c-b681-737da31d9e01-118034905%2C1f9ddc14-9d13-49ac-9c1c-fa8037a24e64_4840677X54XX1611315659698%2C%2C 

The Big Bang Theory


2.  Brooklyn Nine Nine

A comedy about carefree detective Jake Peralta and his mostly dysfunctional colleagues going about their day to day routines in the Nine Nine Precinct. https://www.netflix.com/watch/80004161?trackId=200257633&tctx=2%2C5%2Cb19f445b-3465-459c-b681-737da31d9e01-118945113%2Cunknown%2Cunknown%2C 

Brooklyn Nine Nine


3.  How I Met Your Mother

A show about Ted, whose search for the perfect soulmate sends him on a series of dates. His stories told to his kids on how he met their mother are told through flashbacks on what happened during those “quests” of his. https://www.netflix.com/watch/70218481?trackId=200257633&tctx=1%2C3%2Cb19f445b-3465-459c-b681-737da31d9e01-118945113%2Cunknown%2Cunknown%2C 

How I Met Your Mother


4.  Whose Line Is It Anyway?

If you’re just looking for a show chockful of silliness, this one might give you a good laugh. It’s a show that features a group of actors acting out scenes with hilarious lines. This show is not for kids though. https://www.youtube.com/c/WhoseLineIsItAnyway

Whose Line Is It Anyway?


5.  Saturday Night Live

At Saturday Night Live or more fondly known as SNL, it’s all about the skits acted out by the cast members of the show and the special celebrity guests that come on the show. There are full episodes on TV, but if you want a good laugh at any time of the day, their YouTube channel is chockful of hilarious contents. https://www.youtube.com/snl/videos

Saturday Night Live

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