For the love of home cooking

With what is going on in the world currently, most of us are sticking with home-cooked meals instead of eating out. But truth be told, pandemic or not, there are many reasons why we treasure home-cooked meals so much. They give us the opportunity to bond with our family, are generally healthier, and so much more. Here are some benefits of home-cooking:


It saves time and money 

Eating out is easy but going out to eat takes a lot of our time. Plus, paying for hidden costs and service fees – that’s extra money! Home-cooked meals on the other hand saves you time and money. 

For those planning to save money, it’ time to kick your fast food temptations and start preparing healthy meals from home.


It suits our taste

Ever wondered why home cooked meals taste better and is not lacking in flavour than shop-bought food? 

When preparing your own food, you know exactly what you’re expecting. You may want extra ketchup in your burger, or you’d like your meat to be medium rare. When you cook at home, the taste of the food would suit your taste buds perfectly. (Want to make simple, delicious recipes for satisfying meals at home? CLICK HERE)


It gives us a sense of care, love, and satisfaction

It goes without saying that home-cooking nourishes our soul with care, love and satisfaction. Cooking shows how much you care about yourself and others, because you put hours into combining different ingredients for a healthy, wholesome meal full of love for the whole family.


We know what we are eating

Convenience food are normally high in hormones, sugar, salt, and chemical additives, and as consumers we have no control over what goes into them.

With home-cooked meals, you have total control over the ingredients added to the food. From the moment you put on your chef’s hat, the “nutritionist” in you will start telling you to be mindful of the amounts of sugar, salt and fat you’re adding into the frying pan.

This makes a lot of difference in terms of our overall health and the health of our family members.


More time in the kitchen, and with loved ones

Home cooking can be daunting, especially if you are busy juggling work and family. With our busy schedules, we are often left with little time to spend with our loved ones.

One of the good aspects about home cooking is that it helps partners reconnect, while children explore soft skills and families build pleasant memories. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you are an accomplished chef or not. Because everyone’s a chef in their own kitchen space!

So, do take a day in a week for the whole family to work together on a meal.

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