Top 5 dishes for an authentic Sarawakian experience

Kedey Kamek, translated as “My Shop” in Sarawakian, is a one-stop shop for all foods Sarawakian. It can be daunting finding the street food stall selling the best variation of these dishes. We find that Kedey Kamek is a pretty good place to start! Here’s our list of the top 5 dishes you can try to get accustomed to Sarawakian food.

1. Mee Jawa
A popular breakfast item and perfect if you fancy a thick, soupy dish. Mee Jawa with egg noodles hits all the right notes with its flavourful broth made from sweet potato, tomato and prawn stock seasoned with spices. Served with lamb and boiled egg, Mee Jawa is a scrumptious and superb way introduction to Sarawak cuisine.

2. Cucur Platter
Great for a big group to share, the platter of Cucur Campur is a symphony of deep fried yam, sweet potato, prawns and tofu. A creamy peanut sauce to dip in keeps the mood high as everyone snacks away on these cheeky fritters.

3. Kolo Mee
One of the most popular dishes in Kuching is also served in Kedey Kamek. Deceptively simple, it’s the epitome of sweet and simple street food people will eat regularly to remind themselves of the sheer beauty of its simplicity. Spring egg noodles are salty, with hints of sweetness and slightly nutty from a home-made marinade recipe. Topped with herbs, bean sprouts for texture and chicken pieces. Must-try and will-try-again dish that will never go out of fashion.

4. Nasi Goreng Kocek
Rice is a staple in Asian culture. This fried rice has an x-factor that’ll knock your socks off – the belacan. It’s a ground shrimp paste with chili that lifts everything on the plate around it. What was fried rice with small dried-anchovies, egg and chicken become a heavenly plate of food with a small dose of belacan!

5. Laksa
Considered the state’s quintessential dish, the Sarawak Laksa draws people from all over the world and is a must-try. Subtler than normal curry, the broth made from a spicy sambal belachan (spicy shrimp paste), herbs, tamarind and lemongrass. The combination of flavours push and pull against each other, giving depth of flavour with every spoonful. Served with shredded chicken, bean sprouts.

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