Feast on Udang Galah noodles at R&R Tok Nan

Hungry for something different during the weekend? Here’s a suggestion: Head out to R&R Tok Nan in Asajaya. Why? Here’s why: Udang Galah noodles!

Asajaya is a quiet little town located 34 kilometres from Kuching City. That’s 45 minutes or so by car, depending on traffic of course. R&R Tok Nan is located a further 31 kilometres from Asajaya town centre. That’s another 34 minutes by car – again, depending on traffic. To get there, you need to take the “Jalan Kota Samarahan – Sadong Jaya” route.

The drive itself is enjoyable. Look to your left, your right… in fact all around you… and all you see is greenery. Such a refreshing sight! Also don’t worry about road conditions because you’re driving on tarmac all the way. The only setback, if you’re impatient, is the traffic, which can sometimes be a little too slow. But then again, what’s the rush?

Just a little over an hour later, you will see a single storey roadside restaurant with orange walls and blue awnings on your left. And if you’re uncertain that the building is definitely R&R Tok Nan, one way to be sure is to note that R&R Tok Nan is located just before the Batang Sadong Bridge.

R&R Tok Nan is located on the roadside, before the Batang Sadong Bridge

Inside, the walls are green and the tables are a mix of simple rectangular light ones and some heavier oval ones made of hardwood. Makes you wonder if the latter are for VIPs, or maybe they just like to mix things up for variety.

What we love about R&R Tok Nan is its very non-pretentious look and feel. Originally known as Dolet Café (Gulai Tujuh Kawah), R&R Tok Nan has a very relaxing “kampung” (village) feel and is quite breezy. It’s generally quiet, with the occasional noise from the vehicles passing by. It is after all located at the roadside.

At R&R Tok Nan, the menu is extensive. Highly recommended are Tom Yam Udang / Mee Udang, Laksa Udang and Jawa Udang Mee. The Udang Galah (giant freshwater prawns) they use are fresh and the cooking method is very Sarawak Malay style. The Udang Galah also lend a natural sweetness to their noodle dishes.

If you’re not into Udang Galah, other options are available too! Try their Mee Goreng Special, which comes with smaller prawns, a sunny side up and a piece of fried chicken. That’s a good portion, there. They also have fried rice, mee kolok, ayam penyet and different variations of Tom Yum soup.

mee goreng special

ABC to cool off when the sun is hot

Sirap Limau (Big) at just RM5

To complete your meal, order their shaved ice dessert called ABC or any big serving of their cold beverages. That’ll cool you off on a hot day for sure!

Now that you’re all stuffed, don’t forget to check out the roadside stalls along the way back home. You’ll find plenty awesome things to buy, including fresh local fruits, salted fish, tidbits and maybe some freshly made Gula Apong (palm sugar). Depending on availability, you may also find live bamboo clams. Delicious, those.

Asajaya has plenty roadside stalls selling everything from fruits to small bites to seafood

So there you have it. When you’re out of idea for lunch, R&R Tok Nan is where you need to go for delicious Udang Galah noodles.

Call R&R Tok Nan at +60 14 696 1256 for more information.

Bon Appetit!

Need help to get there? Click HERE for directions.

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