Fantastic dances to keep you fit

After a long day at work, do we really have the energy and motivation to do any form of exercise? Most likely not. Fortunately, in the realm of fitness, there are many options for those seeking to improve their overall physical health and balancing it with their work life. One of them is dancing. Part entertainment, part fitness, dancing offers effective yet fun exercises to work out those muscles. Here are five types of dances that are beneficial to your health and fitness.


When it comes to dancing for health, zumba will be the first thing that comes to mind. Zumba is an excellent high-energy workout that’s great for people who enjoy exercising to upbeat music. Emulating the choreographed movements in zumba is effective in helping you to burn off those calories.


A huge part of the Latin American culture, salsa helps you stay on your toes and keeps you in a good mood. It also helps your body relax and releases tension. Plus, you don’t necessarily need a partner to groove to some salsa.


Ballet is a centuries-old form of high art with origins rooting in the French court and Russian concert venues. Besides being considered as a formal and graceful dance, ballet involves a lot of body stretching and leg work. This is not only great for boosting flexibility, but also developing streamlined muscles and improved posture.

Before you start doing ballet, decide between classical, neo-classical or contemporary ballet. Each type has different variants on the core demands of ballet.

Belly dance

If toning your core (abs and hips) is your main fitness concern, belly dance is the way to go. Belly dance focusses on your core areas with controlled, small movements. Belly dance incorporates refined movements similar to yoga and pilates, which can aid in strengthening your spine and prevent joint problems.

Plus, the good thing about belly dancing is once you’re totally immersed in the music and the dancing, it wouldn’t feel like exercising at all!

Hip hop

Love hip hop music? Hit the dancefloor and get fit with hip hop dancing. Emerged from African American roots in the 1970s, the hip hop dances we often see today include locking, popping, house and break dancing. Most of them are synchronised with faster-tempo hip hop beats. If you’ve always been fascinated by the catchy and quick hip hop moves, hip hop dancing is definitely a good option for you to shed away all those unwanted fats!

So quit stalling and let’s get dancing!

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