Fairy Cave Bau

Fairy Cave in Bau is a must-see for those who love nature-cave photography, as this limestone cave is just minute’s drive from Kuching. Word of advice here is that you have to climb some four flights of stairs to reach the entrance! The view from the top is naturally breathtaking, to say the least. The cave surrounding countryside marked by fields of rice cultivation, crops and wild forest stretches over the horizon. The cave itself is another marvel. The deep-scarred limestone caves have imposing stalactites and stalagmites. Many literary texts have stated that the cave structure is a huge continuous limestone outcrop stretching over miles.

Fairy Cave


Exhaustive climb but rewarding scenery best describes a visit here

While the climbing may be exhaustive for some, the reward upon reaching the top is great too. There is proper concrete pathways take visitors to the inner sections where more caves to exposed. The best time to go is usually in the morning. As then, the sun’s rays will make the inner structures even more astounding under the camera lens. Most outstanding picturesque shot of Fairy Cave has to be the big roof opening, a huge gap through which the sun’s rays shine into the cave’s inner structures. The gap itself a photographer’s dream shot with its greenery and dancing sun rays with imposing limestone surroundings.

The last part of the climb inside the cave is another challenge to accustom to going up a vertical structure. The hole is quite small and so most climbers will brush against the walls surrounding the stairs. This is one area where patience is key as every footstep is important. Most climbers will take a turn, as you do not want to end up getting someone’s dirt coming down at you on the way up! There few wet portions inside the cave structure. So good walking shoes like sneakers and climbing boots would be ideal for the trip.

Despite the name, do not expect to meet any fairies at the cave as its name probably came about from the many Taoist pilgrims who ventured here in the past and likened the limestone structures to heavenly fairies and hence the present-day name for the cave.


You should know

Parking facilities are available for those planning to drive up and as always in visiting these nature reserves, littering, graffiti and other vandalism acts should not occur as these areas should remain preserved for others to enjoy also.

Leave only your footprints after your visit should be the message for those coming to these tourism spots.

Fairy Cave naturally have breathtaking view

Bau Town

Bau, a riverine town in Sarawak, some 48 kilometres from Kuching City is famous as a former gold mining area. The huge lake adjacent to the town is a reminder of the former pits mine, which abandoned in the 1900s, leaving behind mainly subsistent farmers as the main people residing in the surroundings. Tourism activities have become important in the area. It has beautiful sceneries, homestay programmes as well as a host of eco-action activities like kayaking, caving, trekking and mountain climbing.

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