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Sibu International BASE Jump 2018 will have BASE jumping enthusiasts gathering yet again for an adrenaline-packed ride full of thrills! Witness daredevils perform breathtaking stunts from Sept 21 to 23 at Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sibu, Sarawak.

What is BASE Jumping?

Good thing you asked! BASE jumping is considered an extreme sport. Participants jump from fixed structures of great heights, landing at designated areas. It’s a variation of skydiving with the descent taking place at a much lower altitude from the former. BASE is an acronym for the different types of structures you can jump from Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges) and Earth (cliffs).

The origins of the extreme sport can be traced back to 1978 when filmmaker Carl Boenish successfully performed a jump using a specialised (“ram-air”) parachute from a lower altitude. Since then, BASE jumping has gained popularity worldwide and is performed at many landmarks in various countries.

Due to the relative ease of organising a BASE jump compared to skydiving, getting a BASE number acknowledged and registered involves a jump from each of the four different platforms! The first BASE number belongs to Phil Mayfield in 1981, with the four jumps taking place in a single night! Since then, there have been nearly 2,000 BASE numbers.

Is it dangerous?

There will always be a degree of danger as with all manmade sports and activities. Even q-tips have safety issues! On the face of it, BASE jumping is generally considered to be a dangerous sport where some insurers do not cover this activity under their policy plans. However, the fact that there are increasing numbers of regular BASE jumpers attests to the improved technology and high degree of safety protocols that go into this sport. Under the correct supervision and with thorough organisation, BASE jumps are generally safe under the correct parameters!

So where’s the fun in it?

If you’ve never gone skydiving, imagine you are dreaming and having an episode of free falling. Generally, we consider this a nightmare and wake up!

When we free fall, our bodies can pick up speed up to 61mph when falling for three seconds. The adrenaline rush that kicks in is like no other – definitely one sure way of helping you really feel alive!

Because the jump is from a lower height than skydiving, it means there’s less time to control the speed and direction of your descent. That’s why a wingsuit was invented for the higher and more complex jumps! These cute suits make you look like a flying squirrel and help you glide through the air like a bird in flight!

Once you jump off, a parachute is deployed to slow you down. You can navigate your trajectory and speed as you reach your landing spot.

“I want to have a go! Sign me up!”

You can feel the rush too! As thrilling as it sounds, Sibu International BASE Jump 2018 is open to people with more than 120 BASE jumps of experience under their belt. If you are interested, do come and visit to see for yourself what it looks like and even meet some of the jumpers!

If you are an experienced BASE jumper, please note a Safety Briefing Day will be held on Sept 19.
Sibu International BASE Jump 2018 in its 10th edition is organised by Sibu Tourism Task Force Group, with technical support provided by veteran BASE jumpers from Australia and Malaysia. It’s considered a widely anticipated event in the world of BASE jumping and we are expecting to receive guests from all over the globe! This event is planned to be carried out just a week before the KL Tower Jump!

The starting point for the jumps will be the top of Wisma Sanyan, a 126-metre towering shopping, and office complex that holds the distinction of being the tallest building in Sarawak. The landing point will be in Sibu Town Square.

The event is considered one of the highlights of the year and a perfect opportunity to visit Sibu if you’ve never been there. It’s considered wonderful for the delicious food like kampua mee and picturesque sights. The skyline is a silhouette of orange embers hugging mountains curves that outline the jagged edges of the city’s skyscrapers – #instagood! The BASE Jump event is just one reason to see Sibu – explore the City of Swans and leave with your own memories to treasure.

For more information regarding Sibu international BaSe jump 2018, please contact Sibu tourism task Force group at +6084 321 963 / 330 500 or send an e-mail to [email protected] Check out their Facebook page at @SibuBASEJump.

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