Eggs Come First!

Peridot continues to impress with the quality of food and creativity on display. Head chef and owner, Sham, is enjoying growing success through providing food that the community loves. In this feature, we discuss Peridot’s brunch menu. The term is a combination of “breakfast” and “lunch” and is originally a British term. The meal was traditionally served in a buffet-style manner and was an ideal time for people to gather and eat together, sharing the different foods. Peridot sticks with the tradition and has a fantastic range of foods to keep the mood high!

Brunch doesn’t need to leave you in a food coma. We were presented with the omelette, the shakshouka, the overnight bircher muesli and a quinoa, peas, beetroot and egg salad.

Starting with the omelette served with a mini green apple salad, this is the perfect healthy breakfast meal and apt for a brunch item. The expertly folded egg contained a refreshing and healthy mix of tomato, mushroom and spinach with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. The dish was pleasant, with all the elements coming together; the egg was still soft and flavourful, which was met with joy as omelettes are so easy to overcook. The mini green apple salad is the perfect contrast, as the crunchy texture and natural sweetness of the apple make the omelette taste even more delicious.

The quinoa, peas, beetroot and egg salad was a refreshing health booster, containing superfoods and ingredients with antioxidant properties. Packed with fibre and protein, this salad is a great combination of fresh flavours that will leave you full long into the day.

The shakshouka is a vegetable-based dish originating from North Africa and the Middle East. Using the finest ingredients, Moroccan-baked eggs are poached in a spicy bell pepper and tomato sauce base. Similar to a Bolognese sauce, dipping the toasted wholemeal bread with this irresistible sauce is a wholesome experience – we cleaned it up and were left wanting more!

The overnight bircher muesli is a tasty and healthy alternative to breakfast. This dish was created by a Swiss physician in 1900, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, as a way of providing fresh fruits to hospital patients. The oats are soaked overnight to keep the nutritional benefits minus the coarse and grainy texture. The combination of rolled oats, apple, yoghurt, apple juice, cinnamon, dried fruits and nuts just seamlessly become a luscious treat without extra added sugar and is nourishing at the same time!

Peridot is well established as a restaurant serving healthy food that leaves you feeling happy – try it now for the ultimate social and foodie experience!

80 Ewe Hai Street, 93000 Kuching Sarawak
+6013 – 8820 113

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