Easy DIY recycling ideas

Don’t know what to do with the extra bottles and textiles lying around the house? Don’t throw them away! Instead, recycle these materials into crafts and décor for your home. Here are some DIY recycling ideas to inspire you for your next project. Let’s get crafting!

T-shirt tote bag

If there’s ever one bag that everyone needs, it is a tote bag. Everybody loves a tote bag! It can hold heavy items and fits in any situation, whether it is for last-minute grocery shopping, work, trip to the gym or just as your everyday bag. Make your own personalised DIY tote bag by up-cycling it out of a t-shirt. You might need a sewing machine for this.

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Bottle wine vases

Don’t throw out those empty wine bottles. Turn them into centrepiece DIY vases to hold flowers or even candles. There are several ways to design these bottles. Either you spray paint them or wrap these bottles with hard fabrics such as a piece from a gunny sack to create interesting motifs or patterns.

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Bracelet holder

If you always misplace your bracelets and watches, this DIY idea is nifty. Once you are done with those paper towels, keep the rolls so you can recycle them into an accessory holder to keep your precious jewelleries, all in one place. For a rather luxurious look to your accessory holder, wrap it with a feathered fashion fabric.

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Re-purpose cans

Organise your stationery with DIY re-purposed used cans. Decorate the cans by painting or spraying them. Here’s an idea: different colours can be used to represent each can’s purpose, such as for colour pencils, pens, highlighters, glues and washi tapes. You can also turn them into chic pots for small plants.

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Patchwork quilt

There must be a point in our lives when we see our grandmothers making a patchwork quilt. Cut out pieces of your old dresses, baby clothes, and other fabrics into uniform squares. Mix and match these fabrics with different patterns and use a colour blocking scheme before you stitch them together into a large blanket. Make sure your fabrics are machine washable to ensure this personalised DIY patchwork quilt lasts long.

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