Drumming: Why it’s good for you

Throughout the course of history, drums have served many functions. They were beaten during communal celebrations and religious rituals; to communicate between tribes and cities; as well as to motivate soldiers during wars.

With such profound impact on major civilisations, drumming also provides many benefits. That said, here’s why drumming is good for you.

Drumming: Why it’s good for you

Drumming is fun and uplifts your mood

According to a research done by University of Oxford (https://journals.sagepub.com), the active performance of music such as drumming has the ability to generate endorphin release. Endorphins are a type of chemical messenger that trigger a positive psychological effect in the body. This feeling is similar to a ‘runner’s high’, or euphoria.

Don’t believe it? Just try drumming for half an hour and you can instantly feel these effects of drumming in healing that burnout and lowering your stress levels.

If you practise drumming on a constant basis, you’ll notice that drumming is a fun activity that is highly motivating.

Drumming: Why it’s good for you


Drumming teaches you new skills

From learning how to read the musical notes to retaining your musical memory, and forging lifelong friendships with the musical community, there are just so many skills one can acquire from the act of drumming!

However, one important skill that drumming teaches you is coordination.

Drumming: Why it’s good for you

Coordination is the core aspect of drumming as it utilises all the four limbs to play the instrument in perfect synchronisation. To do this, the drummer needs to utilise both sides of their brain, at the right tempo and rhythm. If you’ve seen the movie Whiplash, you’ll know that drumming is not an easy feat!

As you master the art of coordination in drumming over time, you’ll also realise that drumming will help tremendously with your ability to multitask in other real-life situations.


Drumming improves your fitness  

Ever find yourself slacking on your gym training schedules? We get you! Sometimes, we just want to be active and exercise, minus that workout feeling. In such case, drumming is a great option to consider!

According to BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk), 90 minutes of drumming could raise one’s heart rate up to 190 beats per minute.

Just think about it.. After all those constant movement of the upper and lower body, it wouldn’t be a surprise that a drumming session can shed away those calories and keep your body in shape.


Drum like a King, in Kuching

Now that you’ve read all the glorious benefits of drumming to both your physical and emotional well-being, you might want to personally try your hands at drumming.

If you’re based in Kuching, Sarawak, King’s Drummers would be the perfect place to start your drumming journey. Helmed by the self-taught drummer Caleb Tamilselvam, King’s Drummers is a different kind of drumming school.

With a vision to raise the best drummers via the watchful guidance of the best teachers, King’s Drummers is an affordable school that prioritises music above all else.

“We teach using the Rock School syllabus, which is one of the most interactive and fun syllabuses out there!” Caleb said, adding that this ensures one would enjoy the entire process of learning.

At King’s Drummers, people of all ages and stages of life are welcome. On top of that, the student are also given the opportunity to decide at which time slots are most convenient for their learning sessions.

“Whether you are a university student with some free time on your hands, a young working adult with a few eventless nights in a week, a student in either primary or secondary or even a pensioner with a desire to expand all are welcome!” Caleb told BorneoTalk.

No registration fee, deposit and monthly fee needed when you choose to enrol at King’s Drummers. Instead, learning rates are offered in packages:

  1. One package: RM79 for 4 lessons (each going on for 45 minutes)
  2. Two packages: RM140 (access to 6 hours worth of learning)

So go ahead, start drumming today!

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