Dining out: Things we missed and where to dine next

Restaurants are among the sectors that have been hit hardest by the MCO and Conditional MCO (CMCO). As Malaysia readies to fully reopen the economy come June 9, restaurant owners are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

For consumers, dining out has been one of the things they miss most while under MCO and CMCO. But when everything kicks back into full gear, they’ll finally be able to go back to their favourite restaurants for meals they’ve been yearning to have, and discover new F&B options as well.

So why do we miss dining in restaurants? And what are some of the restaurants to look out for post-June 9. Read on.


The food

What determines our preference for dining out most is the taste of the food. And then there is also the presentation. How many times have we tried to recreate a restaurant meal and end up with a result that is not nearly as good as what we can have at the restaurant?

This is because restaurant kitchens are well-equipped with things we can’t necessarily find in home kitchens. Their chefs have also perfected various dishes after having cooking them every single day throughout their career. So they’re always consistent and their food are almost always on point. And they can make food that don’t just taste good but visually appealing as well.


The company, the ambiance

It is not necessarily the food that we miss, but rather human interactions and the ambience you get to experience when you dine out at a restaurant.

Personal moments like catching up with your loved ones over dinner, asking for the waiter’s recommendation and the overall experience of seeing and smelling your food arriving from the kitchen are just as important. 

These are some of the things that make dining at a restaurant unique and irreplaceable. Even if you try to replicate this experience at home, it would not feel the same.


Where to go?

The past months gave us plenty of time to think and put together a list of the restaurants, cafes and kopitiams we plan to visit once the CMCO ends. Whether it is Kuching-style beef noodle from Nuromen Cafe, juicy smoked ribs from Mike Smokehouse, Dayak flavours at Pinggai Café, Middle Eastern cuisines from Al Yemen Restaurant, brownies from bing! Coffee or Malay-style cooking from Kedey Kamek, you will once again be spoilt for choice and will be able to savour different cuisines at these and other eating establishments. In fact, some have already resumed business as usual since the beginning of the CMCO.

If you’re a BorneoTalk card holder, you are entitled for further discounts when dining at the aforesaid outlets! For more information on other restaurants that accept BorneoTalk privilege card, go to www.borneotalk.com/card/.


Safety concerns 

Of course, things will not be the same as they were before. However, Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee has provided restaurants and cafes here with a Standard of Procedure (SOP) on sanitation and social distancing protocols for consumer safety. Therefore, diners can expect a worry-free dining experience.


To ensure the cleanliness of patrons, our staff will disinfect the tables and chairs after every dine-in session to ensure the safety all our patrons #staysafe #covid19 #mco #nuromen #nuromencafe #sapotlokal #kuchingeats

Posted by Nuromen Cafe Kuching on Jumaat, 22 Mei 2020


Surely, many of you will have already listed out some places you’d like to dine out at after the CMCO. If not, give this list a try as you restart your culinary adventure.

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