Creating the Perfect Home Cinema

We love going to the movies to catch the latest flicks in all their audio and visual glory. The astounding images coupled with power-packed audio put us right in the heart of all the action. And then we leave at the end of the movie, thinking how awesome it would be if we could replicate that experience at home.

People are often misled into buying a display with the brightest, most vivid picture reproduction when they go to an electronics store. And today, TVs come in sizes as big as 60”, 70”, 80” and beyond. Very appealing indeed. Equally appealing are home theatre component systems with receivers that can decode the latest sound formats like DTS-X, Dolby Atmos and Auro3D.

A 70-inch UHDTV and a good home theatre system can easily set you back around RM30,000. But they don’t necessarily perform up to your expectations once you bring them home with you. This issue can be rectified with video and audio calibration. For video, image properties are adjusted back to reference for optimum video reproduction that offers breathtaking cinematic experiences. Audio calibration includes speaker placement, adjustments of speaker levels and
crossovers, ultimately achieving the best audio reproduction your system has to offer. But these can be too technical for us to do it ourselves.

At Sound Fusion, you needn’t spend so much to enjoy a cinematic experience at home. Even for less than RM30,000, you can get a proper home cinema set-up, complete with acoustic treatment for your home cinema room, a movie projector, a projection screen that is bigger but costs far less than a big screen UHDTV, and a great sounding 5.1.2 surround sound setup. The best thing is that audio and video calibration will be performed by a Sound Fusion home theatre specialist to ensure results that will never cease to impress you.

Sound Fusion also offers professional advice on home cinema set-ups that best suit customers’ budget before they actually decide on what they want for their home. To make it easier for customers to decide, Sound Fusion even has a demo room where they can view different movie clips just to give an idea of how a home cinema set-up by Sound Fusion sounds, looks and feels.

Visit Sound Fusion at Saradise Kuching and get ready to be mind-blown.

For more information, contact Sound Fusion at SL40, Block C1, Saradise Kuching, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak. +6017 808 9020 [email protected] soundfusionasia

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