Cowleyfornia Studios releases ‘Sarawak’ mystery game

Sarawakian Gamers! You do not want to miss this out! A new game titled Sarawak now was officially launched on the online game platform Steam on Jan 28, 2021. Developed by husband and wife team Duncan and Marina from Cowleyfornia Studios, here’s what we know so far about Sarawak game.

Narrative mystery adventure game

According to its official website, Sarawak is a “literary mystery game set in Oxford and Borneo.” Sarawak is a classic point-and-click text adventure, where you’ll get to pick interactive text choices in order to solve a web of secrets a dead university professor left behind.

Cowleyfornia Studios releases ‘Sarawak’ mystery game


Features of Sarawak

This game will certainly be a treat to fans of old-fashioned mystery novels like Agatha Christie or narrative adventure games. More specifically if you enjoyed adventure games such as A Case of Distrust, 80 Days and LucasArts. 

Like the picture below, the flow and outcome of gameplay heavily depends on your dialogue choices. The game will offer multiple dialogues, and options to choose from. You will also interact with several characters that might either help or deter your progress. Therefore it is important for you to choose your words wisely.

Cowleyfornia Studios releases ‘Sarawak’ mystery game

As you solve puzzles, unlock secret rooms, you will also discover beautiful illustrations of Sarawak. Pictured from the screenshot below, the game included the iconic landmark erected along Sarawak River, Sarawak State Legislative building.

Cowleyfornia Studios releases ‘Sarawak’ mystery game


Get Sarawak on your device now!

To those who are interested in purchasing the game, it is already available on Steam, and is currently priced at RM21.15. Meanwhile, the same game will be available on other platforms such as iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch later in 2021. 

Have you played ‘Sarawak’?


Here is the link:

Cowleyfornia Studios

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