Let your story be heard
Become a BorneoTalk contributor

No matter if you’re a seasoned author with lots of stories to tell or a budding writer looking to hone your journalistic skills, you are welcome to share your stories with our readers through BorneoTalk.com. So, come join the BorneoTalk family and let your stories be heard.

What topics can I write about?

You are welcome to write about anything, although we suggest that you refrain from writing on politics or anything that touches on sensitive issues such as race and religion or sexuality.

What is your ideal length for a website write-up?

About 300 to 400 words would be best, although you may write more if you wish. But try to keep within limits.

Can I write about my own business?

There’s a chance for your story to not be published if you do so. However, if you wish to promote your business via BorneoTalk, you may contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Will I get paid for my contributions of stories?

No, you will NOT receive payment for your contributions. However, we will include your byline, website link and social media handle (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) along with your story. Feel free to provide us with relevant details.

What about photos?

We encourage you to provide photos to illustrate your stories with, whenever possible. Make sure they are your own and are high resolution photos.

What is the deadline for submission?

We do not set a deadline for submission for your stories, so you may write at your own pace and submit when you are happy with what you have written.

Where do I submit my stories?

You may submit your stories, along with accompanying high-resolution photos to:

Email: [email protected]

How soon will my stories be published after I submitted them?

Each story submitted will be vetted through and edited according to our editorial guidelines before it is published. Once done, we will schedule a release date for your stories at the soonest opportunity. But whether your stories will be published or not depends on our gatekeepers.

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