Celebrate Easter at home

Easter is the most important celebration in the Christian calendar, and marks the end of the Holy Week, and the end of the month of Lent. Most importantly, it represents the fulfilment of God’s promise to humankind. Our annual Easter ritual is to attend Easter Sunday Mass at the church with our family, and later gather for a celebratory feast. Games like Easter Egg Hunting are also popular especially with the kids.

This Easter, however, will be celebrated differently in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be no Easter Sunday mass gatherings as usual. No big feasts. No kids running around with their friends to hunt for Easter eggs. And for some, Easter is spent away from their family and loved ones.

But things are not as bad as they may seem, for there are other means with which to celebrate Easter. Here are 6 ways to spend Easter Sunday at home.


1.  Get dressed up for Easter

First and foremost, to get you in the mood for Easter, it helps if you dress for the occasion. Put on a nice (and appropriate) outfit as you would to an Easter Sunday church service whenever Easter comes around. That’ll surely lighten up everyone’s mood.


2.  Virtual Easter Sunday services

With the advent of modern technology, anything is possible nowadays. While we won’t be able to attend Sunday Easter service in person, we can join fellow Christians online, with live streaming from two major churches in Sarawak, including:

St. Joseph’s Cathedral (https://www.facebook.com/stjosephskuching/)

  1. Easter Vigil Mass in Bahasa Malaysia (11/4 @ 8pm)
  2. Easter Vigil Mass in English (11/4 @ 10pm)
  3. Easter Sunday Mass, 12/4 @ 8am (English), 9.15am (Mandarin) and 10.30am (Bahasa Malaysia)

St Thomas’s Cathedral (https://www.facebook.com/St-Thomass-Cathedral-Kuching-Live-109820290642327/?eid=ARAyIZRF9uFxzpGCb57SoYPL4pm7FXk5Jfav7NBkM3nWdbOuJwPDs9_2MZL3ty0ZS1lzoa01fk1GZLMy)

  1. Easter Sunday Service (12/4 @ 8.30am)


Kingdomcity, a church with various locations around the world, offers pre-recorded online Easter programmes for adults “Kingdomcity Easter At Home April 2020” (https://youtu.be/dcdIzaFL-2Y) and for kids “Kingdomcity Kids Easter At Home April 2020” (https://youtu.be/oxlb81KC7XA). Find out more about Kingdomcity at https://kingdomcity.com/.


3.  Watch Andrea Bocelli perform from Milan’s Duomo Cathedral

By invitation of the City and of Milan’s Duomo Cathedral, iconic Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will give a solo performance from the cathedral, sharing a message of love, healing and hope in these trying times. Go to https://andreabocelli.lnk.to/LiveFromDuomo and click ‘Set Reminder’ on the video so you will be notified on when the performance will take place.


4.  Share a hearty Easter Sunday brunch

What better way to conclude Easter Sunday service than with a festive brunch with the family? If you haven’t got any ideas on what to prepare for your Easter Sunday brunch, Food Network’s Easter recipes ought to give you some inspiration. (https://www.foodnetwork.com/holidays-and-parties/menus/all-star-easter-brunch/all-star-easter-brunch-recipes)


5.  Play Easter games

Who says you can’t have Easter fun at home? Paint Easter eggs with your kids then hide them everywhere in your house so the kids can “hunt” for them on Easter morning. There are many other games that can be enjoyed by the entire family on Easter. Alternatively, you can get everyone in the family to go on a virtual Easter Egg hunt via your smartphone. In fact, we’ll be putting out our Easter Egg Hunt game on Instagram tomorrow so you can have fun trying to find all of the eggs we “hid” at a section of Damai Beach Resort in the game.

Go to https://www.instagram.com/borneotalk/ and click that “Follow” button so you won’t miss out on the game.


6.  Watch Easter-themed movies

Finally, gather everyone in front of the TV and put on your favourite Easter-themed movie. “Hop” is a fun title to watch. Not that it’s Easter-related, but “Peter Rabbit” is also another fun family-friendly movie to watch. If you don’t own any of these titles on DVD or Blu-Ray, you can always rent of buy them from iTunes or Google Play Movie. There are other options as well, such as Netflix, Iflix and other online platforms.

So there you go, 6 ways to celebrate and spend Easter at ho

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