SALCRA – Bridging rural-urban development gap

SALCRA’s establishment is aligned with Sarawak Government’s effort to transform the rural areas in the State into a vibrant sector, as well as close the development gap between rural and urban areas, thus improving the locals’ livelihood.

Think Pepper, Think Sarawak Pepper

When one think of the tasteful varieties of spices around the world, Pepper (Piper Nigrum) will distinctively come to mind. This is evidently true because pepper is widely used in cuisines and very deeply ingrained in many cultures.

SUBbyBorneoTalk with the community

The indigenous communities of Sarawak, especially those living in the remote villages such as those in the Ulu Baram and Ulu Limbang districts, are often economically marginalised. On top of that, they also face the challenges of diminishing forest resources. At the same time, these natives are craftswomen and craftsmen known for their exceptional craftsmanship in producing all sorts of handicraft.

Hard and Strong: Belian wood has no rivals

In Malaysia belian (Eusideraoxylon zwageri) is the hardest wood found in the forest and has been used since time immemorial. The indigenous peoples in Sarawak and Sabah used it for buildings and structures as well as for their art pieces like masks, effigies like the kenyalang (hornbill bird) in Sarawak, which is symbolic of the Iban God.

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