2022: The Time to #PusingSelangorDulu!

Explore the uniqueness of Selangor by experiencing not only modern architecture and cultural diversity but also its traditional buildings and gastronomy. Here are 6 reasons why you should “Pusing Selangor Dulu!” in 2022!

Enjoy village life at these 6 Selangor homestays

Planning a trip to Selangor? I you wish to experience something more autentic than what the glitzy hotels have to offer, you may want to consider putting up in one of these six interesting homestays that let you experience village lifestyle, art and culture in Selangor.

5 top museums to visit in Selangor

There are many historical museums which can be visited to commemorate the heroes who fought for the Malay land from the colonies of European countries. Historic visits to Malaysia have never been disappointing in offering meaningful and significant memories. It is especially important to cultivate the spirit of love for the country and strengthen the unity among the people.

A day in Kuala Langat

If you only have one day in Selangor, take this chance to explore the most out of Kuala Langat district, located at the Southwestern part of the state. This district is not only rich in agricultural produce, but is also known for its incredible cultural and historical attractions.

Why Selangor is a safe, clean destination

As states in Malaysia are gradually welcoming domestic travellers following implementation of Recovery Movement Controlled Order (RMCO) until Aug 31, Selangor too has recently doubled its appeal on providing comfort, convenience while emphasising safety and cleanliness for tourists who are planning to visit Selangor. Here are some safety and health measures that Selangor State has implemented to ensure you’ll have peace of mind when you ‘Pusing Selangor dulu!’

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