Things to do in Ba’Kelalan

Ba’Kelalan is about 3,000 feet above sea level and is home to nine Lun Bawang villages. The name is derived from the Lun Bawang word Ba’ meaning wetlands and the nearby Kelalan River.

Things to do in Lawas

Lawas is not just the doorway to the highlands of Ba’Kelalan but is also home to fishing villages of Punang and Awat Awat as well as the hot springs of Merarap. Read on as we explore the hidden treasures of Lawas!

15 Things To Do in Sibu on Your Very First Trip

Sibu is not necessarily the first location of choice for most tourists itching to visit Sarawak, but it is a charming city with a vibrant food scene, historical and cultural heritage that is worth the visit. Check out these top things to do in Sibu that you’ll surely enjoy!

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