Trending recipes this MCO

It’s really interesting to see how the Movement Control Order (MCO) has brought out the inner chef in most of us. Scroll over your Facebook news feed right now and we bet you’ll see at the very least one or two post(s) about some sort of cake or dessert someone is making for teatime or breakfast at home.

5 vacation-at-home ideas

Bummed about having to cancel your travel plans? Feeling antsy doing social distancing at home? While travelling is out of the question right now in the midst of a global pandemic, with some imagination and creativity, you can bring your dream vacation destination home.

6 home redecorating ideas during #MCO

Been wanting to toss out an oldie, or change the look of your home? This is the time to do it! And yes, you can do it without spending a single Sen. Just use what you already have at home. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your redecorating mission to create a fresh new look and feel for your home.

Camping fun at home

It’s been a month since #MCO first started. You’ve lost track of what day it is, your kids are restless at home and you probably are too. Why not switch things up at home and doing something exciting like… building a campsite in your backyard?

Six easy herbs, veg to grow at home

Vegetables and herbs grown at home are better than store-bought ones, this is simply common sense. Since we have so much time on our hands, especially with extension of the #MCO (Movement Control Order), why not learn to grow vegetables and herbs at home? We know what you’re thinking: “I have no backyard. I live in an apartment.” There is no need to worry at all as you can grow these plants easily in pots that can be put out on your patio or balcony.

Perfect Family Dinner Date Night

As for dessert, why not whip up a little surprise for the family? Here’s a recipe for a delicious homemade dessert that’ll knock everyone’s socks off! It’s quick and easy and will surely get the family raving about your impressive baking skills!

6 ways to keep fit indoors

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world’s nations to #StayHome. That’s a major bummer not just for fitness buffs but also for everyone else looking to keep fit or maintain general health. We were forced to temporarily say goodbye to the gym, public parks and swimming pools. But just because we are staying home, doing our part to help curb the spread of Covid-19, that does not mean that we need to put a complete halt to our fitness goals.

Tanahmas has your back this #MCO period

Since we have two weeks left to go for #MCO and we cannot travel within this period of time, the least we can do is help the local industry in these trying times. For Sibu folks who are looking for a change from the home-cooking ritual, why not support our local tourism industry and food establishments?

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