The new normal: Readjusting to the life after COVID-19

What’s “new normal” to you? For some, it could mean a change in their way of doing business, or how they approach life after COVID-19. For some, the pandemic presents them a chance to relieve all great things in life, such as a father who can now spend more precious time with his family like never before, when he had to leave for months for work.

The funny things the MCO is doing to people

If there is anything that this #MCO period has proven, is that the Internet really is a fun place to be. Across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok, people have been showing their creativity and doing their best to lighten the mood in times of uncertainty.

5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home

Mothers are the living embodiment of unconditional love. Each year, Mother’s Day is globally celebrated on the second Sunday of May. With this year’s unique circumstances, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day at home instead. But that doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day cannot be special this year. With some planning, Mother’s Day at home might be a celebration you will never forget.

5 tips on enhancing your productivity at home

But the MCO has also helped us become more productive. By now we have gotten the hang of working from home and balancing that with spending quality time with our family. A sub-conscious self-development if you will. Here are some tips with which you can enhance your productivity even more, whether it is for work, yourself or your family.

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