Fantastic dances to keep you fit

After a long day at work, do we really have the energy and motivation to do any form of exercise? Most likely not. Fortunately, in the realm of fitness, there are many options for those seeking to improve their overall physical health and balancing it with their work life. One of them is dancing.

What do you love about Sarawak?

There are many reasons to love Sarawak. Some say it’s the diversity, others appreciate the laid-back lifestyle, while there are those who have an affinity to its magical rainforests. In essence, all of us have our own reason(s) why we love this magnificent place called Sarawak.

5 reasons why music makes your life better

What would our lives be like if it weren’t for the existence of stringing melodies, drumbeats and hauntingly beautiful vocals? Absolutely boring. It’s hard to say exactly when music first emerged. What we do know is that music has been around since aeons ago, made using the simplest, most basic instruments including rocks and sticks. Today, music has evolved, thanks to the invention of so many musical instruments that make different sounds and melodies, enabling us to create many different genres.

The benefits of having pets

Pets, they bring so much joy into our lives. They make us smile, they make us laugh and they comfort us in times of sorrow. They are, to put it in other words, our extended family. Here, we look at some benefits of keeping pets.

Stop letting fear dictate your life

In this era of a tech-savvy society, people are constantly being drowned by unrealistic standards of superficial beauty. Social media indubitably aggravates it; leading many into ridiculously believing that beauty is only attainable by what is seen on the outside and making them feel inferior aesthetically whilst trapping them in the abyss of insecurities and vulnerabilities.

What kind of traveller are you?

What is your ideal holiday? What do you look for when you go travelling? Different people have different approaches to travelling. And with that said, here is a rundown of 10 different types of travellers. See if you can find out which category/categories you fall into.

Fun with science

Sometimes, it’s hard for kids to understand science if they’re only learning from books, when in fact science is actually cool because it describes about what’s happening all around us and it drives us to want to discover and try new things.

5 ways to #supportlocal

What would your neighbourhood be like if it were not for the hawker stalls, local boutiques and cafés surrounding it? These are the communities that give a sense of local pride, and a unique identity to the place we live in. Also, the people running these small businesses have sacrificed a lot to create something meaningful and purposeful for the community.

5 ways to eat sustainably

Eating sustainably matters. It is one of the ways we can contribute to making the world a healthier place to live. According to WWF, food is responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

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