The flags of Sarawak

Since the Brooke’s occupation to the formation of Malaysia, the Sarawak flag has evolved so much over the course of years. In commemorating Sarawak Day on July 22, let’s look back at all the flags of Sarawak since Brooke’s time, and uncover the stories behind each one of the flags.

A gem of a museum

Standing majestically atop a hill at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Taman Budaya, near Padang Merdeka, and exuding a timeless elegance from the British Colonial era, the Ethnology Museum (Sarawak Museum Old Building) in Kuching is a precious gem and an important part of Sarawak’s history. Originally built in 1891, it was a grand ambition of the second White Rajah, Sir Charles Brooke, who wanted it to be the most expensive permanent structure in all of Borneo. Its importance at the time was (and still is) apparent, despite being located much further inland compared to other edifices that were built closer to the river. This is suggested by the fact that it was built away from the street and came with a vast, well-manicured garden.

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