5 fun ways to stay fit

With the COVID-19 curve showing a slight increase recently, most of us feel reluctant to head to the gym or take part in fitness classes that involve many people. Regardless, there are plenty of fun ways to stay fit without spending hours on a hi-tech treadmill at the gym. Here are five fun ways to stay fit – some don’t give you that feeling like you’re actually burning those calories at all!

Drumming: Why it’s good for you

Throughout the course of history, drums have served many functions. They were beaten during communal celebrations and religious rituals; to communicate between tribes and cities; as well as to motivate soldiers during wars.

Aquarium for the home? Yes, please!

Fishkeeping is a thousands-year-old hobby that remains popular to this day. We love seeing beautiful fish swimming happily in our aquariums or artificial fishponds. If done right, they add a touch of natural beauty to our homes, whether in our yards, living room or bedroom. That said, here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to get into fishkeeping:

5 things to remember when redecorating your home

After all we’ve been through throughout the year 2020, a great way help set the tone for a fresh new start is to redecorate your home to give it a brand new look and feel. And to help you get it right every time, here are 5 things to always keep in mind when redecorating your home.

What to do this Malaysia Day

Malaysia Day celebration this year will be a bit different. And just because it is a one-day holiday in the middle of the week, doesn’t mean it’s not entirely possible to have fun while staying safe and practising social distancing at the same time. So what to do this September 16th?

Do you remember them?

Kids of today are growing up with smartphones, tablets, TikTok, Instagram, VR games and whatnot. Toys and activities both in and outside of the house are still relevant but can’t quite compete with the almighty smart devices. Back then, about 20 or 30 years ago, the much younger us had plenty of things to get excited about that were very different from what kids of today are into.

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