Gula Apong: Sarawak’s special palm sugar

Sarawak’s famous gula apong or nipa palm sugar is produced from the sap of nipa palm tree. The sugar can be easily distinguished by its golden caramel colour and natural sweet taste that is said to be less intense than white or brown sugar.

The rainforest butter – seeds from Engkabang tree

The most expensive and sought after fresh water fish in Sarawak or Malaysia, for that matter, is the empurau (Tor Tambroides) an indigenous species found in the wild rivers of the State. Locals believe that the delicious, delicate flavour of the flesh comes from its diet of Engkabang seeds that fall into the river.

Cooking class in Kuching: What you need to know!

Kuching has several culinary adventures that will let you discover new tastes and cook unique local cuisine under the guidance of trained local chefs. Among the cooking classes that can help you gain a better sense of Sarawak’s food culture.

For the love of home cooking

With what is going on in the world currently, most of us are sticking with home-cooked meals instead of eating out. But truth be told, pandemic or not, there are many reasons why we treasure home-cooked meals so much. They give us the opportunity to bond with our family, are generally healthier, and so much more.

Think Pepper, Think Sarawak Pepper

When one think of the tasteful varieties of spices around the world, Pepper (Piper Nigrum) will distinctively come to mind. This is evidently true because pepper is widely used in cuisines and very deeply ingrained in many cultures.

Jungle Flavour: Manok Pansoh

No trip to Sarawak is complete without trying the quintessential Manok Pansoh (Iban for chicken cooked in bamboo). This iconic ethnic delicacy is a must-have for the Iban and Bidayuh community as one of the key celebratory dishes served on their end-of-harvest-season festival Gawai Dayak.

Delicious treats Dad will love this Father’s Day

You might have already bought your dad a few gifts to express your love, gratitude and respect towards him for Father’s Day, which falls tomorrow. But on top of that, why not make him a yummy treat as a flavourful “bowtie to the present box” especially for this beautiful day dedicated to him? What a delightful way to thank him for being there for you every step of the way, since the day you were born. We guarantee your dad won’t be able to resist these treats.

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