Top 5 foods to try in Melaka

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage city, Melaka is deeply influenced by its past history of Portuguese, Dutch, and British rule. Not only is the city so rich in heritage building and ancient landmarks, but also its mouthwatering delicacies – particularly Peranakan food!

A look at how tuak is made

It’s a staple every time Gawai comes around, but the famous Sarawakian rice wine lovingly known as tuak is no longer reserved exclusively for the special festivity or served to guests at a longhouse as a welcome drink.

5 healthy drinks that are super good for you

These days, everyone is being careful of what they are putting in their body. Surely, opting for healthier alternatives is beneficial to our wellbeing. When we drink better, our immunity level boosts up, we can concentrate better, and have more energy to perform our daily activities.

Must have kuih raya and biscuits

Despite a plethora of new variations of Raya classics as well as newly created recipes that have popped up this CMCO period, those who celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri are still including kuih raya and biscuits that have been everyone’s favourites every time Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes around. Here are some of those must-have Hari Raya Aidilfitri kuih and biscuits…

Popular “buka puasa” food in Sarawak

This year’s Ramadhan is different from the previous years as physical bazaars are not allowed to operate, there are digital marketplaces and apps like Helpy Services, Grab Food and Food Panda, which allow the operation of e-bazaars. Here are some popular local delicacies every Sarawakian would usually look for every Ramadhan.

Trending recipes this MCO

It’s really interesting to see how the Movement Control Order (MCO) has brought out the inner chef in most of us. Scroll over your Facebook news feed right now and we bet you’ll see at the very least one or two post(s) about some sort of cake or dessert someone is making for teatime or breakfast at home.

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