Pinggai Cafe

Tucked away amidst old shops and lodgings in Kuching’s Upper China Street is the jolly ol’ Pinggai Café. Rather unassuming in its appearance as seen from outside, Pinggai Café is a treasure trove of delicious Sarawakian cuisine, leaning towards typical local food enjoyed by Sarawakian households.

5 reasons why every household needs to have GWS Foodchains Sarawak Pepper

There are three factors why the best pepper comes from Sarawak: the combination of Sarawak’s hilly slopes, Sarawak’s unique soil composition and Malaysia’s tropical climate. These very factors create pepper with a very distinct flavour and aroma. Hence, putting Sarawak pepper on the international spotlight, among other pepper varieties.


While there are many Sarawakians who are keeping up with progress of the modern age, a few are still left behind.

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