The Woman in Red

Malaysia has her fair share of spooky tales and hauntings, but did you know about the ghost of Janet who supposedly haunts the people of Kuching till this very day?

Blue Waters of Tasik Biru

Tasik Biru, which is Malay for Blue Lake, named so because of its unnaturally blue colour, which is a result of high levels of arsenic. Tasik Biru is a man-made lake and was originally an open mining pit. Gold mining began there in 1820 by the Hakka Chinese.

Would you explore Gua Hantu?

Bau may be known most for its Wind and Fairy caves, but there are smaller cave systems that will pique one’s curiosity. There is cave in Bau considered by the locals to be the scariest, namely ‘Gua Hantu’ (Malay for Ghost Cave).

Sebauh’s floating temple

Every place has its tale. For Sebauh, a small town of over 20,000 people, it is the tale behind the floating temple. The temple, known as Natok Kon Sebauh, sits on an island directly opposite the town and is the only temple of its kind in Sarawak.

Bujang Senang: A tale of terror

There is a tale that strikes terror into the hearts of those who hear it. It is a tale of Bujang Senag a giant white back crocodile in Sarawak, that is said to have terrorised the waters of Batang Lupar.

Nabau: Real or mere myth?

Sarawakians are no stranger to tales of giant beasts. Local legends speak of the Nabau, a monstrous snake with the diameter of a fuel drum. That’s probably about five times bigger than the Amazon’s 500-pound Green Anaconda, the world’s largest snake. Impossible? We can’t say that we know for sure.

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