Discover Penang’s rich heritage

Nicknamed Pearl of the Orient, Penang is one of Malaysia’s preferred destinations, especially for its rich heritage. Our recent visit to the Island state took us to some of its iconic places of interest, all of them steeped in history of Penang’s colourful past.

Sunny in Sematan, Sarawak

Sematan has its own allure that keeps people coming back, such as its laid-back lifestyle in remote villages, picturesque beaches and friendly communities. Undeniably, its main attractions are the undisturbed wildlife and protected nature. If you are looking for a short getaway, Sematan is perfect as it has plenty of offerings for your summer holiday in the sun, away from the bustles.

Top 10 Ultimate Things To Do in Miri

When Miri is mention, the first thing that comes to mind for sure is petroleum. However, Miri is blessed with more than just oil wealth but also jaw-dropping gigantic caves, long stretch of beach coastline and coral reefs. There’s just so much to do in Miri!

14 best things to do in Kuching for an unforgettable holiday

Kuching is not a place you come to ‘just visit’. Intimate, laid-back, rich in history and natural Borneoan rainforests, it is no wonder that this city is so alluring for travellers seeking balance from life’s constant mad rush. Besides, its people are so diverse that a multitude of experiences can be so contrasting and fascinating that one needs to experience Kuching themselves to personally savour the moment.

Picture Perfect

I woke up to an unfamiliar sight, wondering what lay ahead as I watched the mist slowly lifting over Mataram. The milky white blanket of minute water droplets seemed as…

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