Spectacular Sabah

Whether it is culture, nature, or wildlife that you are seeking, these are what you will experience on your next #CutiCutiMalaysia trip to Sabah.

Enjoy village life at these 6 Selangor homestays

Planning a trip to Selangor? I you wish to experience something more autentic than what the glitzy hotels have to offer, you may want to consider putting up in one of these six interesting homestays that let you experience village lifestyle, art and culture in Selangor.

6 tips on how to hike safely during a pandemic

Despite the reopening of local tourism, it is important to note that we have not yet won the battle against COVID-19. Sadly, some countries including Malaysia are currently facing the third wave. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to take precautionary steps when you choose to go on a hike.

5 top museums to visit in Selangor

There are many historical museums which can be visited to commemorate the heroes who fought for the Malay land from the colonies of European countries. Historic visits to Malaysia have never been disappointing in offering meaningful and significant memories. It is especially important to cultivate the spirit of love for the country and strengthen the unity among the people.

Places that make us happy

We all have a happy place… one that brings us joy and helps us forget about everything else, and one that lifts our spirits and carves a smile on our face whenever we’re feeling down. That happy place may be the sea or the shopping mall. Wherever they may be, these places will surely make us happy whenever we visit them.

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