Living on Traditional Skills

Sarawak handicrafts are justly famous. From ikat weaving to mat-making and basketry, from woodcarving to beadwork, these exquisite products give our State a good name in the world of arts, crafts and material culture.

Tribal Ink

Tattoo is a form of body art that has long been practised by ancient civilisations, evidenced by the discovery of mummified remains dating as far back as 2100 BC, all with tattoos on their skin. Tattoos are done using specific needles to puncture the skin and injecting it with ink to create permanent art on the body. It was originally done manually, with the tattooist puncturing a customer’s skin and injecting it with ink by hand. It was a much slower process and was more painful. Today, tattooing is done using special machines and specific types of ink, offering greater accuracy, shorter tattooing sessions and better results.

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