Allure, mysticism, folklore in the dances of Sarawak

The diversity in the traditional dances of Sarawak is a result of having people from so many different cultural backgrounds living harmoniously, proudly calling themselves Sarawakians. This Visit Sarawak, come and be fully immersed in the cultural dances of Sarawak. Among the most famous cultural dances are the Ngajat of the Iban folk, the Hornbill Dance of the Kenyah tribe, the Eagle Dance of the Bidayuh and the traditional Melanau dance known as Alu Alu.

Get to know: The Bidayuh of Sarawak

Bidayuh is the second largest indigenous ethnic group in Sarawak after the Iban. The Bidayuh people are also knowns as the Land Dayak. In fact, the name Bidayuh itself means ‘people of the land’.

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