What do your doodles say about you?

Have you ever caught yourself doodling randomly to pass time during a prolonged telephone conversation or a boring meeting? Almost everyone, at some point in their life have made these simple drawing of squiggly lines, flowers, or heart shapes. Doodling may not be much of an interest to the public. However, doodling isn’t a mere mundane act. It may in fact, reveal insights to the subconscious mind that carries great meaning.

SUBbyBorneoTalk with the community

The indigenous communities of Sarawak, especially those living in the remote villages such as those in the Ulu Baram and Ulu Limbang districts, are often economically marginalised. On top of that, they also face the challenges of diminishing forest resources. At the same time, these natives are craftswomen and craftsmen known for their exceptional craftsmanship in producing all sorts of handicraft.

Style by Sarawak

With a passion for everything fashion, these Sarawakian fashion designers have been making major waves in the local fashion scene these recent years. From their trendy ready-to-wear pieces and modern design incorporating traditional pua motifs to bold minimalist apparels, these Sarawakian fashion designers show no sign of stopping in #StirringUpBorneo and making proud their homeland in the process.

Beautiful sounds of bamboo

Many of the traditional instruments of the ethnic groups here are made out of bamboo, which grows abundantly in the forests of Sarawak. It is for this reason that it comes as no surprise why many of the tribes in the Land of the Hornbills play bamboo musical instruments that are in many ways similar in appearance and functionality to one another.

Sarawak Culture defined through traditional clothing

Sarawak has a large collection of traditional clothing, each characteristically unique and remarkable in their representation of the 27 different ethnic groups that live here. Their designs are evocative of the traditions and steep folklores of their wearers, passed on from one generation to the next.

Living on Traditional Skills

Sarawak handicrafts are justly famous. From ikat weaving to mat-making and basketry, from woodcarving to beadwork, these exquisite products give our State a good name in the world of arts, crafts and material culture.

Showcase of Malaysia’s cartoon and comic

The history of cartoons and comics in Malaysia and how they developed from the 1930s to the present day, there’s no better place to visit than the Malaysia Cartoon and Comic House at the KL Lake Gardens (Taman Botani Perdana). The museum opened its doors to visitors in April 2017.

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