Weekend in Mukah for Pesta Kaul

Pesta Kaul is Mukah’s famed “cleansing” festival of the Melanau community, which makes up the vast majority of the people living in this quaint coastal town located some 157 kilometres from Sibu (about 2 hrs 35 mins drive).

Magnetising mud of Meritam

Sri Aman has its benak or tidal bore. Miri has its glowing shoreline. Both are natural occurrences that attract tourists (domestic and international) to come and witness for themselves these phenomena.

Bringing Sarawak to the world

Actively promoting Sarawak to the world, Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), Incorporated under Sarawak Tourism Board (Incorporation) Ordinance on Nov 12, 1994, has played a fundamental role in raising the global profile of Sarawak’s tourism products.

Journey through Sarawak

From exciting man-made attractions to breathtaking natural wonders, Sarawak holds many surprises. Once a hidden paradise unknown to the rest of the world, it now attracts holidaymakers from different parts…

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