SARAWAK: Hiker’s playground

Hiking. Some fear even the thought of it, some are so addicted to it that they cannot go a week without finding a mountain to scale, even though it’s an easy one to climb. If you are the latter, then the summits of Sarawak are literally playgrounds for you adrenaline junkies!

Sunny in Sematan, Sarawak

Sematan has its own allure that keeps people coming back, such as its laid-back lifestyle in remote villages, picturesque beaches and friendly communities. Undeniably, its main attractions are the undisturbed wildlife and protected nature. If you are looking for a short getaway, Sematan is perfect as it has plenty of offerings for your summer holiday in the sun, away from the bustles.

Magnetising mud of Meritam

Sri Aman has its benak or tidal bore. Miri has its glowing shoreline. Both are natural occurrences that attract tourists (domestic and international) to come and witness for themselves these phenomena.

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