Can’t go outside because of the rain? Have a ton of fun indoors instead

The weather hasn’t been fair lately. You feel a need to go out, but it has been raining almost non-stop. So what do you do? You still go out of course, but to places where the rain wouldn’t get you. Parks, beaches and other outdoor attractions are obviously out of the question. Good thing there are plenty of places where you can have a ton of fun without having to be outdoors.

That said, here are some of the places to go to for some good fun that are indoors:

The movies – The movie theatre is a classic favourite for good indoor entertainment to beat the boredom. Pick your favourite movie title, grab some popcorns from the concession stand and get set for two hours of entertainment. No friends to watch a movie with you? No worries; going alone is absolutely fine. After all, you’re not there to chit chat; you’re there to watch a movie.

TGV Cinema

Karaoke – Pro or not, everyone loves to sing their heart out at the karaoke. Nothing beats letting your emotions go on KTV favourites like Steelheart’s “She’s Gone” or Guns & Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine”. The younger crowd would usually go for new hits like Calum Scott’s “You Are The Reason” or Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next”. If you’re confident about showing off your singing skills in public, a karaoke bar is a great choice for just that. Otherwise, you may opt for karaoke chains with separate rooms that let you enjoy singing with just your friends.

Sing your heart out with friends at the karaoke

Spa – Surely, all that rain is going to leave you feeling all kinds of stress! Head to the spa for some pampering. Or just get a good head, neck and shoulder massage. That’ll surely get rid of your stress, and you’ll feel invigorated afterwards. Before you do, though, make sure that they have highly qualified, properly trained masseuse/therapists.

Library – Load up on as much information as can be handled by your brain in a day. A visit to the library is an ideal escape into an exciting world of textbooks, magazines, encyclopaedias and novels. With thousands of titles to choose from, you won’t even care to look at your smartphone or your tablet. There’s this unbridled joy you get from reading books and magazines in their physical form versus reading them on the screen of your smart devices, and a rainy day is perfect for spending a quiet time at the library just reading.

Get lost in a world of books, magazines and novels at the library

Bowling alley – Work up a bit of sweat at the bowling alley while having loads of fun with your friends. It’s also a great way to warm up when the weather is chilly outside. Besides, you can hone your bowling skills and maybe someday compete in a bowling tournament.

Bowling is a great activity on rainy days at Megalane, Batu Kawa

And there you have it; places to go when the rain just won’t let you stay outside. Now get out there (or in there?) and have yourself some serious fun!

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