Camping fun at home

It’s been a month since #MCO first started. You’ve lost track of what day it is, your kids are restless at home and you probably are too. Why not switch things up at home and doing something exciting like… building a campsite in your backyard? Here’s how you can have a camping trip at home. This will help you reset and forget about that claustrophobic feeling you get from being stuck at home.

Set up a tent


Set up a tent

Recreate a camping atmosphere in your backyard simply by pitching up a tent. If you don’t have one, you can use a makeshift tent by tying a rope between two poles / trees and hang a large canvas over it. If by some chance you have a trailer or RV parked in your yard, that too can be your mini sanctuary for the weekend.

Tent in your living room

No backyard? No problem! Just set up a tent in your living room! Move the furniture aside, turn off all the lights, pitch your tent, and throw some sleeping bags and blankets in to make it feel like you’re camping outside.

Here is the LINK how to make DIY tents for kids. 


Light up your camping ground

Camping is not camping without some flashlights and lanterns to give some light when it starts getting dark. A strip of battery-powered LED bulbs gives out a soft ambient light perfect for your camping ground. As far as backyard camping goes, these string lights will definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Light up your camping ground


Lots and lots of snacks 

Parents, this is the time to bond with your little ones over campfire smores, grilled nachos or maybe ice-cream. Who says you can only be a master chef in the kitchen? This is the perfect opportunity to test your cooking skills outside too. A barbecue seems like a good idea, don’t you reckon?



How to make smores

What do you’ll need:
Graham crackers (or any crackers you cave at home), chocolates and marshmallows.



  1. Toast the marshmallows over a bonfire till they turn golden brown (or to your liking).
  2. Layer the toasted marshmallow by pressing it firmly between the graham crackers and chocolates.
  3. Eat ‘em while they’re hot!
  4. Another twist to this camping snack classic is by roasting the marshmallows, dipping them in a melted chocolate sauce, and then into crushed graham crackers. Toppings like Nutella, bananas or sprinkles can be added too.

Smores ingredients

Link to ’20 Kuching eateries offering deliveries and takeaways during MCO’ 


After-dark fun games

Besides treats, fun games make for memorable camping experiences too. Classic games like UNO cards, treasure hunts and twister can introduce some randomness and make your backyard camping more fun! Such activities can also help everyone sleep better later.

Camping fun games

Camping games


Make it a rule to stay outside

For a real campout experience, make it a rule that if one needs to go back inside the house (whether it is bathroom breaks or emergencies), it should not take longer than 10 minutes. Also, all electronics need to stay inside, including your smartwatches! Make sure to pack up all your belongings like plushies, pillows, books, insect repellent way ahead of time so you won’t have to go back in to get them.

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