Buying disposable face mask in bulk. WHY?

Before COVID-19, anyone wearing a face mask in public would get stared at. But now that the dreaded coronavirus has taken over the world, no one even dares to get out of their houses without putting a face mask on.

The initial stages of the pandemic saw a shortage of disposable face masks everywhere. One couldn’t easily have access to face masks unless they went to pharmacies and medical supply stores that did sell them. And they were very expensive back then.

Today over a year later, disposable face masks can be found everywhere from supermarket counters to kiosks in shopping malls. They’re considerably cheaper too.

Many choose to buy a box or two of disposable face mask – enough to last for about two or three months, depending on how often you need to use them. Some choose to buy in bulk, enough to last them perhaps a year or more. But here’s one question: Do you REALLY need to buy that many disposable face masks in one go?


Understand the differences

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you want to buy disposable face mask in bulk or not. But it helps to note that there are several benefits to doing so.

Before we go on, let us consider the fact that there are other types of face masks available out there today, including reusable fabric ones and even fancy designer face masks. However, disposable face masks are more convenient to use and often fit better, thanks to the adjustable nose pin.

Although highly efficient in blocking respiratory droplets as well as keeping germs and pathogens at bay, disposable face masks are comfortable thanks to the breathable material used. Reusable face masks are not as effective in providing protection against these microbes and are therefore not suitable for daily use.


Why buy in bulk?

Back to the matter at hand, buying disposable face masks in bulk is actually more cost-effective as increased demand may result in price hikes. When that happens, that means you will be spending more money buying new batches of face masks once yours run out. Going out to buy disposable face mask again and again also means spending more time and effort, which can be better spent on doing something else. So, it makes sense to buy them in bulk, so you will be able to use them for a long time.

When buying disposable face mask in bulk, chances are you will be able to get them at bulk prices, which are often much lower than retail prices. And even if you’re buying your disposable face mask from retail outlets, you might be able to get discounts for buying in large sums. That’s definitely good for your wallet, is it not?

Sometimes, good things that are also affordable can be hard to come by. That’s why it’s a good idea to grab good quality disposable face masks in large quantities while they are available at very reasonable prices. This way, you’re making huge savings on quality items.

Lastly, it’s not a bad thing to have extra face masks stocked up at home even when this whole pandemic situation is finally over, for example. You can always wear a face mask when you visit places like the hospital or when you fall sick and you don’t infect people around you at home or at your workplace for instance. In other words it is good to have them stocked up at home for anytime that you need them.

So will you or will you not buy disposable face mask in bulk?

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