BorneoTalkers’ wishes to their Fathers

Dad – He is the man we love most, our protector, our pillar of strength and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Dad.

Father's Day

We recently asked BorneoTalkers how their dad inspired them and what message would they like to give their dad this Father’s Day. Here are some of the heart-warming responses we’ve got from them:


“Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You may look stern and strict, but you’re actually the most loving person I know. Thank you for providing for our family, and doing so much to keep us safe and comfortable. Your endless love for us gives so much strength to do more for our family, and it has inspired us to continue sharing our love to others as well. You are our hero, and we love you so much!”

From Larissa Ping



“Our daddy always tells us, there are billions of things in life you can do to be successful but all you need is to choose one and give it your all. He created his own halal kampua mee and mee sua and always makes sure when his customers eat it at his “Sadiqin” stall at Mom’s Laksa Cucur, they are happy! He always works smart and fast! Happy Father’s Day!”

To our father, Sadiqin. Love from your kids.



“Dad, this is our first Father’s Day without you because you have gone to a far better place. We miss you so badly as Father’s Day draws nearer each day. Dad, I wish I could tell you how much your ‘never-give-up’ or perseverance spirit have impacted my life since young, from my studies to the profession I’ve chosen. Whenever I felt like giving up, I would remind myself that dad never gave up even when he had failed many times and even when life was really tough. Dad, I will tell of your stories to my children so that they would always remember that their grandpa was a strong and loving man. We love you, Pa.”

From Sie Tung Chhun



What is inspiring about her dad: “Determination and life-long learning”

From Rashidah Bolhassan to Hj Bolhassan Rais



“My father is a loving and spiritual person. He supports me endlessly. He believes in my dreams and cheered for me when they became a reality. My passion to help others and use my experiences for a better world is completely inspired by him.”

From Nurhani Atira bt Hashim to Hashim b Wasli



Di sebalik kasih ibu,
Ada kerja keras seorang ayah,
Setiap penat lelahmu,
Setiap titik peluhmu,
Setiap titisan peluh keringatmu,
Tiada tolok bandingnya,
Jasa dan pengorbananmu tak terhitung,
Engkaulah insan paling ikhlas dalam hati kami,
Terima kasih bapak. Sesungguhnya, jasa dan pengorbanan mu tidak terhitung banyaknya dan tidak mampu dibalas di dunia.

From Site Nuramannena to Mohammad Narudin bin Abu Bakar



Terima kasih Ayah
Kini kami menjadi orang yang mampu berdiri
Kini kami mampu menjadi orang yang mandiri
Kini kami mampu menapaki hidup dengan do’a dan kasih sayangmu
Aku mencintaimu Ayah.

From Mohd Mahizan bin Anwar to Anwar bin Mohammad



Satu perkataan tetapi besar maknanya,
Hidup ibarat lilin,
Menerangi tatkala gelap,
Menemani tatkala sunyi.

Ketika riwayatnya,
Ayah disisihkan,
Ayah dilupakan,
Ayah dibebankan.

Ibarat lilin,
Ketika menyala hidupnya penuh makna.

Apabila tiada,
Maka gelaplah hidup seorang anak,
Tanpa gelak ketawa seorang ayah,
Tanpa senyuman seorang ayah,
Tanpa doa seorang ayah.

Oleh itu,
Hargailah ayah,
Hargailah hero kita,
Pembimbing kita,
Cahaya hidup seorang anak.

Selamat Hari Bapa.

From Nur Affida Binti Sufian to Sufian Bin Adnan



Bapak adalah lelaki yang menjadi cinta pertama untukku, yg berkorban apa jua, tak mengenal penat dan lelah, tersenyum walau dalam kesulitan demi membahagiakan keluarga. Terima Kasih untuk segalanya, Selamat Hari Bapa… I love you Bapak. 

From Nur Hazimah Binti Abdullah to Abdullah Bin Kair



Seoarang yang sentiasa tersenyum, lawak, penyabar dan sentiasa memberi nasihat…

Selamat Hari Bapa…

From Nurhartini Binti Mustapa to Mustapa Bin Kentol



“Dad ️, My 1st Love, My Forever Hero”

From Irdawaty Syukarni Binti Sahari to Sahari Bin Rayak



“Ayah tercinta…

Dari tapak kaki merah sampe dah jadi bini org kitak tetap sama dengan kamek. Kitak jaga kamek org adik beradik sama rata. Sik ada berbelah bahagi. Even anak kitak sorang tok. Ada keras kepala sikit. Kitak sik pernah besar suara, sik pernah datang tangan. Lembut ajak sora kitak tegur kamek….”

From Elie Maherah Binti Sahudi to Sahudi Bin Romli



“My Ayah is my hero”

From Ariz Faiq bin Ahmad Fikri to Ahmad Fikri bin Sabang



My first love, my father Sing Song Hua…from your daughter Rizna Nurqinsha



“Seorang yang tegas, berdisiplin dan penyayang kepada keluarga.”

From Hasaf Binti Mohamad to Mohammad bin Paie



“Ayah…. Kau laki-laki terhebat dari Allah untukku. Terima kasih Ayah. Semoga kau diberikan kesihatan yg berpanjangan.”

From Mohammad bin Ambi to Ambi bin Hj Sirat



“Terima kasih Ayah. Jasamu tetap dikenang. ️”

From Muhd Fielzie Afiezie B Mohamad to Mohamad B Ambi



“Sayang Bapa 3000 kali”

From Anis Syifa Hurin to Muhamad bin Ahim



“Kau penyeri dn sumber kekuatanku.”

From Nazdi Haleem to Ismail bin Taril



“Daddy, you are my inspiration.”

From Qistina Aleesya to Azwandy bin Suhaimi



“Sayang bapa️” 

Nurul Fadhzillah to Jollkipli bin Hj Ramli



“You are my sunshine”

From Nurfatiha Ameera to Hawan bin Putit


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