Beyond the song and dance

Adversity leaves us feeling numb, defeated and speechless. Miracles seem impossible when we are surrounded by strife. And it is in the face of despair that Watoto Children’s Choir shares their stories of hope and joy. Many children are left orphaned due to illness and other unfortunate circumstances. Yet it is through these circumstances that these young people sing their stories of transformation through faith and hope.

Watoto Children’s Choir is one of the many ministries to arise from Watoto Church, planted by Gary and Marilyn Skinner in 1984, who were moved by the sight of so many children and women without families. Orphans were rescued and placed in a family with many siblings and a mother to care for them. The English-speaking cell-based community church now enjoys celebrating new-found hope with 24,000 people in weekly services.

Watoto Children’s Choir just finished their five-month long “Signs and Wonders” tour of Asia. They stopped by in Kuching and Sibu, where we had a taste of the joy and hope they are living in day by day, touching so many lives. We were privileged to meet them and be part of their journey.

To make the dreams of these young people come true, we can continue to be part of this journey through sponsorship. In fact, these dreams can only stay as dreams without support. For only RM150 per month, you can help shape the future by giving the opportunity for a young person to grow into a prospective leader. Mark, one of Watoto Choir’s volunteers, shared that RM150 provided a child with all the basic needs for healthy cognitive, social and physical development. Food, water, and transport for the child’s mother are secured for that month. The children’s education, pastoral care, and healthcare are financially supported through the monthly sponsorship schemes.

You can contribute through four different sponsorship programmes; Baby Watoto, Child, Watoto Mother, and Neighbourhood Mother.

If you like being able to have a relationship with the person you financially support through your monthly donations, the Child and Watoto Mother sponsorship programmes are perfect for you, as you can write to the children or mothers and receive correspondence back with details of how they are progressing. However, if like many people you just don’t know how to choose, the Baby Watoto and Neighbourhood programmes are ideal, since you support Watoto as an organisation to support children and mothers in general.

Watoto is already doing amazing things but could be doing so much more with the right support. So please, sponsor a child or a mother today with a small number of resources to start fanning the flames and ignite the passions that lead to dreams being fulfilled. Make a difference. Turn compassion into action.

For more information, please contact WAtoto ASiA, Unit J, 3/F, Phase 1, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.T:+852 2639 9797 [email protected] www.watoto.asia

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