Bau’s Wind Cave

As the name suggests, Wind cave got its name from the constant rush of wind blowing through its chambers as the cave has openings on both ends. Located in Bau, it is just mere minutes drive away along Bidi road and the signposts easily guide you there. There is a big parking area at the entrance and stalls selling food and drink, as this is one of the favourite weekend spots for city folks to come for a relaxing time with the family. Apart from the great natural beauty of the surroundings, this nature reserve also has a small beach area along the river that runs past the entrance and this is where most of the water fun activities take place.

A place for family fun and exciting caving adventure

A first look at the entrance to the cave may not be impressive. However, the cave itself is interesting for a number of reasons. There are signs of human occupation of the inner sections of the cave and these were recorded until quite recently, according to the historical and archaeological records. Finding these tell-tale signs inside the cave is a different matter altogether as it is pitch dark inside – totally devoid of light and so a powerful torch is absolutely necessary for going through and not a recommended trip for those who have phobia of darkness. The plank walks inside to take you right to the other end of the cave, emerging to a river’s edge. This is one of the many tributaries draining into the main Sarawak River that passes through Kuching City further south.

With powerful torches you will also be able to see fruit and insect bats resting from the roof of the cave and word of advice is not to shine too long at them or they might panic and start flying around or worse, cause them to excrete waste! There are bat wastes all over the plank walk so gloves might also be recommended for those who are particular about what they might accidentally touch. Swiftlets too make their nests inside the cave but these are the inedible ones so the nests are not valuable. Plantlife is virtually no-existence inside the dark areas but abound at the entrance and near to the exit by the river.

After emerging from the dark passages of the cave, the reward is a dip into the rushing river nearby. The water is cold and the current can be quite strong for young children so extra care has to be taken when young ones go for a swim here. The river can be quite a formidable force after heavy downpour during the end of the year as the water rushes down from the highland areas. Shutterbugs can have a field day here, as the whole reserve is a wonderful expanse of nature’s beauty and extravagance.

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