Adrian Wei Out To Leave His Mark

As Group CEO of Promenade Hotel Sdn Bhd, Adrian Wei has been given the responsibility to lead, collaborate, manage and implement the marketing and development of the group’s business plans.

Born in Miri, he moved to New Zealand at 17. He studied and worked there for almost 10 years before coming back home. He has a Chinese ‘Die Die Must Do’ attitude and a ‘DIY’ attitude he picked up when he was in New Zealand, and they have worked out well for him so far.“

My experience came from various types of industries,” he told BorneoTalk, citing front office manager, catering supervisor and business development among them.

I guess by the end of the day, my true calling is still the hospitality industry – one of the main reasons I took up the exciting role as Group CEO to grow the chain of Promenade Hotels as a group.

I am grateful to have the trust of our humble Managing Director, Tan Sri Yee Ming Seng. Under his guidance, I was able to grow the business my way. He gave me the ownership, making me responsible and accountable for the entire business.

It was through this trust that we were able to grow from two Promenade Hotels four years ago, to three properties, plus an operational sales team based in Kuala Lumpur.

Adrian has a dedicated team of people from different levels helping him with the monitoring of day-to-day business. This allows him to concentrate on fast-tracking the group’s business.

Adrian plans and schedules his own appointments without the help of a personal assistant. And even with all that he has to do, he always believes in balancing work and lifestyle.


Sometimes I do host meetings with my team out of the office, such as at Starbucks or a casual café to relieve their stress and give a more conducive environment to think of proactive measures in solving issues,” he shared. “I truly believe we must be continuously improving ourselves in order to stay ahead of the game. Global market trends are changing every day. As of today, we talk about how to penetrate new business model – the online module. I’ve also invested in customised training programmes for my team and sent them to expos in other countries to learn the latest trends and business ideas, he continued.

For Adrian, his wife is his pillar of strength. Without her, he would not have taken up the position as Group CEO in the first place. And as his job requires him to do a lot of travelling, he has to rely on modern technology to get things done.

I’ve invested in gadgets which, to me, are efficient and more cost effective in hosting out-of-office meetings while at different places.

On Promenade Group’s future endeavour, Adrian said that it would open a hotel in Kuching in 2018. Upon its completion, the group will have five hotels under the ‘Promenade’ brand, including one in Fujian Province, China.

Currently, we are looking at expanding our business to West Malaysia, particularly in Kuala Lumpur. We are also looking at opportunities in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, Adrian continued.

This is in line with the group’s vision – ‘To continue promoting Promenade Hotel’s very own portfolio as a leading hotel with a solid brand name that manages various classifications of hotels/resorts locally, nationally and internationally.’

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