A Passion For The Exquisite

Koi keeping can be surprisingly hassle-free, as long as you’ve got the right facility for the fish to thrive in, and most importantly you have a passion for it

Paul Yong has been keeping koi for more than 20 years. His passion for koi led him to start Waterworld more than 10 years ago at his own home before expanding about 7 years back and moving to its current location.

Waterworld has huge varieties of exquisite, high quality koi for your pond, including showa, sanke, kohaku, tancho, kikokuryu, matsuba and asagi just to name a few. These are kept in 15 koi facilities of varying sizes.

“Keeping koi fish is not the same as having other pets,” he said, adding that he constantly adds new fish to his collection. “I don’t wait for people to place orders to bring in new koi. If I see something I like I’ll just buy it and add it to my collection.”

Crucial to ensuring healthy koi is the quality of water in which they are kept. Comprehensive water filtration systems available at Waterworld can ensure pristine water quality of your koi pond.

“We also provide water chilling systems for those who want them installed,” said Paul, who explained that cooler water ensured more vibrant colours on kois.

At Waterworld, you can have specially built koi facilities installed at your residence by their experts who know koi inside and out. One of the projects Paul holds most dear to his heart is a koi pond his company built for an elderly customer.

“I did her pond when she was 72 years old. Now she is nearing 80 years old and is still happily looking after her koi,” he disclosed.

Besides selling high quality koi, koi filter media, Japanese koi food and building ponds for clients, Waterworld also provides koi facility maintenance services and installs natural ponds for the home, complete with plants and small pond fish. They can also assist clients who wish to keep koi for competition purposes.

For more information, contact Waterworld at

Lot 247, No. 120,
Jalan Green, Off Jalan Merdeka,
93150 Kuching, Sarawak.
+6013 801 1533
[email protected]

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