A day in Kuala Langat

If you only have one day in Selangor, take this chance to explore the most out of Kuala Langat district, located at the Southwestern part of the state. This district is not only rich in agricultural produce, but is also known for its incredible cultural and historical attractions.

Breakfast at Phua Kian Guan Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Start your morning by filling in your tummy at this famous local Chinese restaurant in town. Try their signature Chai Kuih and fried sweet potato starch that are incomparable. The old-fashioned interior of the restaurant will take you back to the past!

Phua Kian Guan Coffee Shop & Restaurant at Kuala Langat

Visit Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple

Built in 1994, this 16-acre temple in Jenjarom is home to notable landmarks such as Waterdrop Teahouse, Lumbini garden and Fo Guan Yuan Art Gallery. Surrounded by an astonishing landscape, Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. There is no entrance fee so you can just swing by from 10am daily.

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple at Kuala LangatInstagram @rubysng1118

Experience the lifestyles of the Mah Meri

Have you always been curious about the culture and lifestyle of the aborigines in Selangor? If so, a trip to the Mah Meri Cultural Village is a must. 

Here, visitors will get to tour around the cultural village, experience cultural activities and take part in workshops offered. 

Lunch at Selera Tujuh Restaurant

Before you proceed to other attractions, grab lunch at Selera Tujuh Restaurant in Banting. From Nasi Ayam, to Nasi Ambeng, Assam Pedas, and Ikan Bakar, there is a wide range of delicious Malaysian food choices here to try!

Lunch at Selera Tujuh Restaurant, Kuala Langat

Buy some snacks at Kerepek Ros

No matter where you go, there is always some sort of souvenir to buy for yourself, your friends and your family. In Kuala Langat, it’s the crunchy Ubi Masin, Pisang Tanduk and Kuih Siput snacks from Kerepek Ros. There’s plenty more to choose from.

Kerepek Ros at Kuala Langat

Try paragliding at Jugra Hill

Jugra Hill is a popular attraction in Kuala Langat. It will take you an hour or so to reach the top, but it is totally worth the hike, especially with the gorgeous city view from the lighthouse perched at the peak of the hill. 

If you’re up for some adventure, sign up for a 10-minute paragliding session to get a bird’s-eye view of the city! Find out more on https://selangor.travel/listing/paragliding-at-jugra-hill/.

Jugra Hill at Kuala LangatInstagram @leon_ck_

Mini safari at Kuan Wellness Eco Park

Located near Batu Laut Beach, this park is the best bird’s nest producer in the district. The park will surely keep you busy with fun-filled activities at the Swiftlet Home, Eco Park, Bird’s Nest Gallery and their Eco-Café. Plus, you’ll get to see various species of birds, fish and reptiles at their miniature zoo.

Kuan Wellness Eco Park at Kuala LangatInstagram @w_chern97

Teatime at Mansion 1969 Café

After a long day of adventure, stop by this one-of-a-kind vintage café for the best desserts and coffee in town. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pose for some shots for the ‘Gram!

Mansion 1969 Café at Kuala LangatInstagram @honeyb33916

Soak in Morib Beach’s stunning sunset

Admit it, there is nothing more peaceful than strolling along the beach against a jaw-dropping sunset. Most visitors come here to bask in the astonishing Morib Beach landscape and feel the breezy air – so breezy that you will feel fresh as a daisy! Also, don’t miss out on the tasty Ikan and Sotong Bakar (grilled fish and squid) sold at the food court nearby! More info at https://selangor.travel/listing/morib-beach/

Morib Beach’s stunning view at Kuala Langat

Seafood dinner at Asam Batu Laut

End your day in Kuala Langat with a nice seafood dinner at the famous seafood restaurant Asam Batu Laut. Whether it is Assam Steamed Snapper Fish or Steam Garoupa served with minced ginger, everything served here is fresh from the sea!

Seafood dinner at Asam Batu LautInstagram @wonderful.pl

And there you have it! From exploring the top-notch attractions to paragliding over Jugra Hill plus ending your day with sunsets and fresh seafood, these show just how exciting spending a day at Kuala Langat is!

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